The MTV gala, the bet to leave the audience blown away | Culture

The MTV gala, the bet to leave the audience blown away | Culture

Through the streets of Bilbao you could see some large digital clocks that indicated a countdown, which had nothing to do with the end of the world, although sometimes the presidency of Donald Trump can scare. It was the countdown to the start of the MTV-EMA gala, the awards of the American MTV network in Europe, that for years have penetrated the adolescent public on this side of the Atlantic. True, the countdown indicated an explosion, but this had to do with an uncontrolled detonation of jubilation. It was getting to zero the clock and, as if there were no tomorrow, the joy exploded.

A lung open and choral, the thousands of attendees gathered at the Bilbao Exhibition Center in Barakaldo, shouted the last ten seconds of that clock, running in terror as a rabbit who is late for the party. But no: the great celebration of world pop, which had been waiting for a whole week of concerts and events in the Basque city, began on time.

An imposing Nicki Minaj it detonated everything. Appearing from the top of the roof, in a light booth and dressed in a bold dress of diamonds, the singer revolutionized hearts and throats. With her mix of rap and pop, Minaj, who took the awards for the best hip-hop artist and best aesthetics, wasted an addictive rhythm. If some of the most pessimistic in the huge Bilbao pavilion believed that the end of the world is still lurking, by Trump, the Korean dictator or by any other arsonist in command, the penalty was removed from the rush. There was not even the pointer, who preferred to move the skeleton and join the merrymaking rather than think about his middle-aged crisis.

Camila Cabello thanks the award for best song.
Camila Cabello thanks the award for best song. AFP

Even if the sky was about to fall over our heads, MTV would continue to bet on its world, a combination of reality TV, wildness unleashed, watts fired, impossible choreography and fireworks. The American chain was born with the idea of ​​making music a show and takes it to its ultimate consequences. Last night's gala was a demonstration of his philosophy, which blindly trusts the power of the dollar rather than the power of poetry. You only had to see its immense circular stage, flanked by the latest technology screens, and offering the audience the feeling of being immersed in a futuristic environment.

As coming from a distant planet, it emerged from a gigantic container Rosalia, which last night culminated the great week of his life after the massive presentation of the album in Madrid and his participation in The 40 Music Awards. Yesterday he made his true world presentation with a choreography of more than 30 dancers. Like a pop star with many tables, with nothing to envy Minaj or Janet Jackson -that also acted when receiving the Global Icon prize-, Rosalía He drove the staff crazy Badly. And something else: he confirmed that his "tra tra" will soon be a generational heritage. It screams like others in their day imitated the moonwalker of Michael Jackson or vociferated Wonderwall of Oasis.

Generational star is already Camila Cabello, that was the great winner of the night. He collected the awards for best artist of the year, best song for Havana and better video clip also by Havana. Dressed in a flamboyant red dress, the star of Cuban origin showed her happiness by saying in Spanish: "As the Spaniards would say: I'm freaking out, man!" Viva Sweden also flourished. The band from Murcia, belonging to the independent label Subterfuge, won the prize for best artist in Spain, although it caught them in Colombia.

It was an unparalleled chute of flip pop, not suitable, yes, for all audiences. At least, within its impeccable bubble, everything works with absolute precision and fantasy, unlike in life, where the countdowns are more dramatic and there are breakdowns, although nobody thought about anything during the time the gala lasted . It's what you have to live in MTV's dystopia, where music is not the most important either.


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