April 11, 2021

The moving story of a dog without a past and abandoned in the forest

He had not eaten for a month and barely moved when two brothers found him

The spirit of Christmas does not reach everyone equally. A few days ago, two brothers walked with their dogs through a forest in the Olona Valley, in Varese, in a remote area, where few people pass by. But the brothers Alessia and Gastone Giudicci, as attracted by a divine force, decided to go there. It was in that area when they realized that there was an animal lying on the ground. It looked like a dead sheep. And they decided to approach. The white, soft-haired animal turned out to be a three-year-old dog, a cross between a Maremma shepherd and a Spinone, with gray eyes and a pink nose, according to the Italian newspaper La Stampa. He was half dead and seemed to be screaming for help with his tender gaze.

As Alessia explained, her dog Thea went into the forest and ran. When they managed to reach her, she was next to the dying dog, lying on the floor, in a bed of dried leaves. Quickly, he called his brother and the authorities. From the first moment, everyone turned to the animal, which was no longer alone.

The dog had been mistreated and its owner decided to leave him in an isolated area, away from the road, where no one would realize that he had taken him there to let him die. Police have already opened an investigation to locate the owner and clarify what happened. Doctors have determined that the animal had not eaten for a month and that it had been lying on the ground to let itself die. But the rapid response of authorities and veterinarians has served so that the animal has begun to recover.

"It is as if after having been found, he has chosen to live and is now reacting," Alessia confirms excited. It remains to be seen if the animal has suffered neurological damage since, it seems, it has been for more than a week without moving. At the moment, veterinarians work with him in physiotherapy sessions to recover muscle tone, and he has made progress because, for now, he has already recovered his appetite.

The story has become viral and thousands of people have shared it on social networks and have been interested in their state of health and how they can do to help you. Most of the supports have come from the municipality of Marnate, where several families have been willing to provide a home, even if it is finally determined that they have neurological damage. "Now we would like to know more about his past, if someone had seen him in a garden in the area: we hope to get answers. Thank you all very much, it is a beautiful thing we have achieved together," concluded Alessia.


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