August 3, 2021

The movie that Los Lobos should see | TV

The movie that Los Lobos should see | TV

There are not many great movie classics on the backstage of television. Network (1976), of Sidney Lumet, is not only one of the best films in the category, but one of the most dismal and pessimistic that Hollywood ever gave, one that has won the whole for its prediction of entertainment news. Maybe it's the great movie of Hollywood's brightest decade, the seventies. We could give a prominent position also to On the edge of the news (1987), by James L. Brooks, and, the most forgotten, Quiz Show (1994), of Robert Redford, about how a contest calculates when to throw and keep its contestants, filtering questions and measuring faults. All to please the sponsors and push the audience. The contestants end up as stars overcome by fame. They always want more. The real case was so huge that it came to be investigated in the US Congress in the fifties. Does it sound?

The Wolves (as they call themselves) of the contest Boom! they have just achieved the Guinness record as the contestants with the most consecutive wins on world television. Accumulate 326 programs and 1,661,000 euros from May 3, 2017. We do not mean that there has been no cheating or cardboard, that Constantino Romero (god of the contests) caught us confessed. They have earned it to pulse, but it is undeniable that Antena 3 benefits from its spirit and talent to achieve the space with more audience in the afternoon. It will protect and promote them until the bubble explodes. Make no mistake, it is easy to balance victory on one side or the other by changing a single question.

These former contestants of To know and to win they are always one step away from getting the succulent bottle of three million euros, leaving moments for viral videos and with an audience identified with each experience. As in a police series, the structure is always the same, and will continue until, as in Quiz Show, the viewer begins to get bored with eternal repetition. The Wolves, fortunately, seem mature enough not to become broken toys similar to the character of John Turturro.


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