The motion against Bartomeu achieves 16,521 signatures

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu

In full pandemic and without being able to collect signatures on match day, heyou critics with Josep Maria Bartomeuto. The promoters of this initiative, exulting after having mobilized 15% of the social mass despite the difficulties, hope to add more support in the last hours before going to the club offices at six in the afternoon to present all these rubrics.

“We have a sufficient number of signatures and this morning we are receiving an avalanche (…). We are almost doubling Giralt’s motion. It’s a real madness“, Marc Duch, spokesman for the initiative, has recognized in RAC-1, the one that has collected the most signatures in the history of Barça. Until now there have only been three attempts to depose a Barça president: Joan Laporta and Elefant Blau against Josep Lluís Núñez in 1998; that of Oriol Giralt against Laporta in 2008; and that of Agustí Benedito against Bartomeu in 2017. The latter, despite being the one that had obtained the most rubrics so far (12,504), failed to gather the support of 15% of the Barça census to be able to force the plebiscite. The other two did pass the screen, although without being able to provoke the fall of the president at the polls (which requires 66.6% of votes against his administration).

Three years after Benedito’s failed attempt, critics of the current directive have obtained 4,000 more rubrics, mobilizing discontent after a blank year, which has been joined by ‘Barçagate’ and the attempt to Messi to leave the Camp Nou, fed up with Bartomeu. The words of the Argentine star, who accused the president of not having a word and denounced that “there has been no project or anything for a long time, they are juggling and covering holes”, have been the fuel that has fired at Més que una moció, which brings together eight groups of members and three pre-candidacies for the club’s presidency: Jordi Farré, Víctor Font and Lluís Fernàndez Alà.

Validation process

At six in the afternoon, the promoters of this initiative They will go to the Camp Nou to deliver the signatures at the Barcelona Service Office (OAB) and then they will attend the media. The club will have 10 days thereafter to validate the ballots. “We do not expect large cancellations. We are not worried about it, because we already work with a margin of 5-10% and because we have been very scrupulous. Errors are minimal,” explained Duch in RAC-1. “If with 17,000 or 18,000 signatures on the table we have to be discussing whether a comma is correctly placed or a line leaves the box, it would seem quite sad to us. We hope that the club will be rigorous and comply with the regulations.”

It should be remembered that in Laporta’s motion of censure against Núñez 5,664 of the 6,014 rubrics were accepted (94%) and in Giralt’s 9,145 of 9,473 (97%). For this reason, despite having already passed the border of 16,521, from the platform Més que una Moció, it is asked to scratch more support in the last minutes to ensure that there is finally a referendum on the continuity of Bartomeu.


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