'The Mother', with Jennifer López, is filmed in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The Mother, Netflix's largest European production for 2022, starring and co-produced by actress Jennifer López, begins filming this week in Gran Canaria. Specifically, the first day starts at the Ladera Alta dairy, in Los Giles, where the team has worked for weeks to condition the enclave, which is surrounded by security guards.

A detail of one of the filming sets of 'The Mother', in Ladera Alta. | | JCG

This great film project, directed by the New Zealand filmmaker Niki Caro, inaugurates the filming calendar this year in Gran Canaria, which will last until the end of the month in different capital enclaves, such as Alameda de Colón, San Telmo Park and several capital arteries , such as Malteses or Bravo Murillo, as well as in the neighborhoods of San Cristóbal and La Isleta.

Coming from Vancouver (Canada), the filming will take place for a month and a half in Gran Canaria, after four months of preparations and location work on the Island, with a possible trip to Fuerteventura. The bulk of the team is housed in different accommodations in the town of Vegueta, since the offices, production and casting have been installed between the large plot of Domingo Alonso located in La Pardilla, in Telde; and the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, in the Plaza de la Música.


Display of material in La Pardilla for the filming of Jennifer López's film
Juan Castro

Along with Jennifer López, who has previously visited the island to act as a singer, but not as an actress, the cast is also made up of the Mexican actor Gael García Bernal (Also the rain, And your mother too ...), who last 2019 The film Red Avispa has already been shot in Gran Canaria, directed by the filmmaker Oliver Assayas and starring Penélopez Cruz, along with Leonardo Sbaraglia, Wagner Moura and Ana de Armas. For its part, in this production the actors Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in love, The Merchant of Venice) and Omari Hardwick (Army of the Dead, Kick-Ass ...) complete the cast.

Produced by Netflix and Nuyorican Productions, Jennifer Lopez's production company, who signed a multi-million dollar collaboration agreement this year, The Mother has the Canarian production company Sur Film as a link in Gran Canaria and responsible for the filming finally landing in the Canary Islands. In total, the production has hired around 300 professionals and technicians from the island to work in its various departments and services.

With everything, The Mother is a thriller about the story of a hit man, played by López, who leaves her hiding place to protect her daughter, whom she resigned years ago when she was being pursued by a dangerous criminal gang.


Jennifer López has already been in the Canary Islands, in Gran Canaria and Tenerife


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