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The mother of Mª José Campanario, possible reality contestant

La madre de Mª José Campanario, posible concursante de ‘Supervivientes’

The new edition of
It's just around the corner and possible names of more or less familiar faces that could travel to Honduras in a few weeks are still sounding. The last one, without going any further, would be a huge blow for the leading Mediaset chain and for the universe Save me. It would be about Remedios Torres, the mother of María José Campanario.

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According to the journalist Gustavo González in the magazine Rumore,
Torres could be the bomb that prepares Telecinco facing the new edition of Survivors. And, as he says, the mother of María José Campanario would be in advanced negotiations to travel to the island.

The possible bomb that prepares Mediaset

This would put an end to the mystery about the great name that the program for this new edition has prepared in the bedroom. Because many have been the rumors that have (and continue) to run about it a possible participation of Isabel Pantoja in the reality show of Bulldog TV. However, the tonadillera would not be the card that shuffles the chain to surprise the audience.

As the journalist points out, it would be the mother-in-law of Jesulín de Ubrique, a woman who has already participated on some occasion in programs of the chain such as Saturday Deluxe. The question at this point is if María José Campanario herself would dare to defend her mother in the reality debate and how would be a possible face to face with Belén Esteban.

The other contestants

If confirmed their participation Torres would go to the island with the contestants already confirmed -Colate, Dakota and Omar Montes- waiting for the name pool to end. Among the possibilities are the Azúcar Moreno, Chelo García Cortes, Carlos Lozano, Ivonne Reyes, Albert Álvarez, Violeta Magriñán and Oto Vans, among others.

In the magazine the journalist also launches to confirm the daughter of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David, although the latter have denied such participation. In short, a dance of names that will soon be transformed into confirmed contestants or definitive discards for a new edition of Survivors that is about to begin.

Remedios Torres, mother of Mª José Campanario, in Sálvame Deluxe.

Remedios Torres, mother of Mª José Campanario, in Sálvame Deluxe.

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