The mother of a doctor occupies a Canarian hospital bed for a year - La Provincia

A doctor of Canary University Hospital (HUC), which responds to the initials F.A.H, has kept his mother hospitalized for a year at the health center. This is how Radio Club Tenerife has advanced this morning, that this situation has been postponed one year since the woman (L.H) entered the hospital because she had a gynecological test. The mother of this doctor has been in the same room since he entered, located on the third floor of the HUC.

The hospital, for its part, has followed in this case the protocol of the Canary Health Service (SCS) for all family members and patients who are occupying hospital beds when they should be in a healthcare partner. In general, the first thing that is done is to propose alternatives for admission to the patient, usually being able to take him to a health center. If the family member refuses or does not respond to these recommendations, the hospital starts the procedure to carry out a "forced discharge" through a judicial requirement. It is what they have also done in this case.

Due to data protection, the Ministry of Health He has simply responded in statements to Radio Club Tenerife that do not enter to report "neither this nor any other case".

It should be remembered that in Canarian hospitals, especially those in Tenerife, every day they occupy acute beds that do not correspond to about 200 people, especially older people who should occupy a socio-sanitary bed. The reasons range from the shortage of public health care places in the Canary Islands to the inability of families to take care of them.


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