'The Mother' keeps the pace of filming

Despite the complications derived from the massive outbreak of Covid-19 among the large team that rolls in Gran Canaria The Mother, the overproduction of Netflix, a setback that has forced its protagonists to momentarily leave the Island, among them the protagonist of the feature film, the American actress, singer and producer Jennifer López, those responsible for the project are working against the clock to reorganize and relocate the very tight filming plan, which has with two filming units. LThe Mother's second unit will continue to record these days the planned action scenes with the main performers' stuntmen. However, the first unit, destined to work with the main cast, completed by Gael García Bernal, Joseph Fiennes, Omari Hardwick, Paul Raci, Lucy Paez, He plans to resume filming from next February.

Minimizing the economic and logistical damages, including permits, that this delay will cause is the main objective of the The Mother team, which already had everything prepared to continue filming this week in the Arenales-Triana-Vegueta neighborhoods. although it will also move to other capital enclaves, such as the Isleta neighborhood, the San Cristóbal fishing district and the Ladera Alta dairy farm, along with Los Giles.

In addition, production sources point to some possible outings outside the city, such as Arucas or the south of Gran Canaria, although the filming is concentrated, eminently, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The bulk of these filming locations will emulate the streets of Havana in the capital of Gran Canaria, although a few, such as the Ladera Alta dairy farm, will simulate Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, as marked by the script for the film, which began filming a few months ago in Vancouver.

"The art department has continued working these days in the scenarios planned inside and outside the city," explain sources from the production. "Staff who have tested positive for coronavirus are undergoing quarantine in the hotels and apartments where they are staying but those who have not been affected by Covid 19 are making an effort to meet the deadlines already established in pre-production," they add.

And it is that the fact of having provided the recording of The Mother with two filming units in Gran Canaria, one main and the other resource, plays in favor of Netflix's most important production in Europe for 2022. That technical decision makes it clear I express the dimension of this ambitious project, since such an expense is common in the filming of large feature films.

As is usual in large productions, the main unit works directly with the main cast, so that the main actors and actresses participate in all planes, always under the orders of the director of the film who, in the case of The Mother, It is the New Zealander Niki Caro (Mulán, The House of Hope ...).

For its part, the secondary or resource unit does not film with main actors and actresses, but with "body doubles" the most "distant" shots. This type of scene includes, above all, extras, extras, stuntmen, and body doubles.

This configuration of two units makes it possible to shoot sequences in parallel on the same day, as happened last Wednesday, the eve of Three Kings Day, at the start of filming The Mother in Gran Canaria: the main cast filmed scenes in the south of Gran Canaria , while the body doubles and extras simultaneously filmed an action scene on Guzmán El Bueno street, on the San Juan cliff.

This system has been used in previous shootings on the Island, such as in the feature films Aliados, by Robert Zemeckis, starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, in 2016; o La Red Avispa, by French filmmaker Olivier Assayas, in 2019, with Penélope Cruz, Édgar Ramírez, Ana de Armas and, precisely, Gael García Bermal, who is also part of the cast of The Mother. "It is a very common method with which the protagonists are avoided a tedious extra work and it is also a way to save money," says one of the members of that production filmed in Gran Canaria.

In this sense, the secrecy that has enveloped the filming of this action thriller on the Island, especially in relation to keeping the stars of the cast protected from photographers and onlookers, has only been broken by a video published by Jennifer López on his Instagram account where he appears with his representative, Benny Medina, in a car in the south of Gran Canaria singing the song that López composed for his new film, Marry Me.

The powerful Latin star, who also participates as a producer in The Mother, stayed during her short stay on the Island in a hotel establishment in southern Gran Canaria, but production sources indicated yesterday that the interpreter will settle in a villa located in the north de Gran Canaria when she rejoins the filming of the feature film whose plot revolves around the story of a hitman, played by López, who leaves her hiding place to protect her daughter (Paez), whom she resigned years ago when she was chased by a dangerous gang, played by Fiennes and García Bernal.


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