The mother accused of killing her daughter in Logroño testifies before the judge

Adriana Ugueto has only answered questions from her lawyer and the head of the Court of Instruction number 3, which investigates the cause, has ratified the unconditional prison for women

Adriana Ugueto, the 35-year-old woman accused of killing her 5-year-old daughter on January 27 at the Los Bracos hotel in Logroño has come this morning to testify before the head of the Court of Instruction No. 3 of Logroño, who is carrying the case investigation. The woman She was sent to provisional prison last Thursday after going to court before the detainee guard court that day (number 1) and today has come to testify before the instructor investigating the event. According to sources of the TSJ of La Rioja, the woman You have only agreed to testify to your lawyer's questions and the magistrate has ratified the communicated prison car without bail. Thus, Adriana will continue in the women's module of the Logroño prison, from where he asked his sister for clothes and money last weekend.

The National Police continues to investigate the case to find out who and how ended the life of little Carolina, only 5 years old. His mother and grandmother, Olga Febles (whose body was found lifeless on the banks of the Ebro last Tuesday) escaped with the little girl early on Sunday, January 26. The two adults had written several suicide letters explaining why they did not want to stay alive. Now they will have to clarify the circumstances of the child's death and know the role of the grandmother in the alleged murder.


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