The Mostra de València-Cinema of the Mediterranean returns after six years of absence | Culture

The Mostra de València-Cinema of the Mediterranean returns after six years of absence | Culture

The Mostra de València-Cinema of the Mediterranean He returns after six years of absence. The 33rd edition, which takes place from October 18 to 28 in the Valencian capital, offers a panoramic view of contemporary Palestinian cinema and reviews in its different sections the latest film batch made in the Mediterranean.

The contest goes into the black zone of the police genre with the cycle Polar: French black series (Jean-Luc Godard, Jacques Bral, Chabrol, Tavernier or Hélène Catet …) and in the new Palestinian cinema, with films like The reports on Sarah and Saleem', by Muayad Alayan or Writing on snow, by Rashid Mashararawi.

The Mostra will also honor the writer and journalist Efthimis Filippou, screenwriter of the films of Yorgos Lanthimos, and nominated for an Oscar for best screenplay for Lobster. "Filippou makes the absurd a vital constant. Another recurring theme in his work is the control exercised over language, in such a way that the reality that the character knows is distorted, "the organizers of the contest point out. In this cycle you can see Canine, Alps, Locust, The sacrifice of a sacred deer, e Icebergs, among other. The festival will also pay tribute to the producer Josep Anton Pérez Giner (Stray dogs, Sleepwalkers, Peak), and the multidisciplinary composer and artist Carles Santos.

The Official Section of Mostra de València will include 11 films from a dozen countries of the Mediterranean Arc, which will be screened for the first time in Spain, and with a 40% female presence. This edition takes up the festival created in Valencia in 1980 and which was suspended in 2011 by the then local government of the PP with the alibi of the crisis after a long process in which its origin was absolutely blurred and weighed more the artists who paraded through the red carpet than the projection of the best exponent of cinema that was done to both shores of the Mediterranean.A citizen group maintained, during the years of its suspension, the spirit of the Mostra, that the València City Council has recovered this year.

Palm tree of honor

The contest will give its Palm of Honor to Franco-Tunisian director Abdellatif Kechiche. Director of The life of Adele He will attend the festival where his filmography will be reviewed. "This Palm of Honor granted to Abdellatif Kechiche puts the icing on a return edition of the Mostra that responds to the ambition with which we undertook his recovery," said Councilor for Culture of Valencia, Glòria Tello.


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