June 13, 2021

The most watched YouTube viral will not be finally eliminated after its auction for $ 760,999

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‘Charlie bit my finger’

The owner of the non-fungible token (NFT) from YouTube video ‘Charlie bit my finger‘, Collector 3F Music, has decided to keep the video available on the platform after acquiring the non-fungible token by $ 760,999 at an auction made by the family.

The video is, according to the family of the children who appear in the video, the most watched viral in Youtube, more than 885 million views, and it was going to be eliminated one day after the auction organized on May 22 to sell its NFT.

The removal of the video was previously announced to increase its sale price, according to statements made by the children’s father Howard Davies-Carr in an interview for Quartz.

Davies-Carr reported in the same interview that the new owner, 3F Music, a Dubai music studio, has decided to keep the video on YouTube despite having acquired its NFT at auction on May 22 for $ 760,999 because this “felt the video is an important part of popular culture and should not be eliminated“.

The 56-second viral video was posted 14 years ago by the channel now called HDCYT, and shows Charlie, a then one year old baby, biting the finger of his three-year-old brother Harry.

3F Music has recently also acquired other NFTs such as the psychopathic girlfriend meme (‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’), for $ 411,000; the NYT meta column on NFT, for $ 560,000, and the meme known as ‘Disaster Girl’, for $ 500,000.


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