Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

The most viral challenges that athletes have had – La Provincia

The #I stay at home It is aimed at everyone, including athletes. Confined at home and unable to go out, like the rest of the people, they have stopped their usual routines and training.

That is why some of the most famous athletes have wanted to share on social networks how they are going these days. confined at home because of coronavirus.

Not only do they entertain themselves and their followers, in this way they also raise awareness in society so that it stays in your home and does not go out during the state of alarm to avoid the spread of the virus.

From Leo Messi Kilian Jornet or Toni Bou, dozens of athletes have wanted to share how they spend their day to day, some of them achieving toilet paper challenge and others of them simply training in the strangest way possible at home.


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