The most vindictive Max Awards dramatize the night of Bilbao

A moment of the awards ceremony of the Max Awards.

A moment of the awards ceremony of the Max Awards.

The masks and stickers with a white X in support of the demands of the performing arts technicians have been cast this Monday at the Max Awards ceremony, which have honored the career of the veteran Catalan actress Gemma Cuervo.

Attendees of the gala have worn this symbol from the red carpet and during the ceremony, which has also reached the stage on the lapels of some of the winners, to show their support for the demands of the more than half a thousand temporary technicians of the Institute National Theater of Performing Arts and Music that protest the latest public job offer, as it excludes them by not having the degree required.

It was precisely the Max Award for the Best Lighting Design, Juanjo Llorens, who displayed on his lapel the X printed on a sticker, who read a message with the claims of this group when he received the award and highlighted the work of the “stagehand “, a word that encompasses all the technical equipment of the show. “The curtain doesn’t go up and down on its own“Debora Macías, winner of the Best Costume Design Award, has also stressed from the stage, after claiming” qualified, professional, qualified and trained “technical teams.

In the most emotional moment of the gala, the Bilbao Arriaga Theater has honored with a prolonged applause for the career in theater, film, radio and television of the Catalan actress Gemma Cuervo, who from the stage thanked the tribute very emotionally.

Gemma Cuervo, who has arrived at the theater and has posed before the photographers on the arm of her daughters Cayetana and Natalia, has collected the Honor Award in tears and with an emotion shared by her daughter Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, together with her on stage, although without losing her mastery of the stage. After kissing the statuette, the Catalan actress said that she was crying “with love and gratitude” and has been “very happy” to be among her audience.

Gemma Cuervo with her daughters Natalia and Cayetana. EFE

The Max Awards have arrived for the third time in Bilbao by the hand of the playwright Calixto Bieito, director for the second time of the gala, which has been developed under the slogan ‘The whole city is a stage’. Between prizes and prizes, the actor and singer Asier Etxeandía, the composer Enrico Bárbaro, the singer of Guinean origin Afrika Bibang, who has performed a song in Basque, and the Lithuanian soprano have paraded on the stage of the Arriaga Theater to show their artistic talent. Ausrine Stundyte.

The transvestite character of Yogurinha Borova has claimed in the gala the respect for diversity and sexual freedom with a song in Basque, which she herself has been translating into Spanish: “Never hide, release your feelings, show yourself as you are. Long live diversity and long live love”, she proclaimed.

The bertsolari Jon Maia, the actress Miren Gaztañaga and the playwright Bernardo Atxaga, the current writer most read in Basque, have completed the roster of Basque artists at the gala, in which the dance has been representeda with the performances of the flamenco dancer Adriana Bilbao and the Lasala company with Paula Parra.

Previously, numerous prominent representatives of Spanish theater and dance have walked the red carpet with ease, such as Emma Suárez, Ana Wagener, Daniel Grao, Olatz Beobide, Carolina Yuste, Joan Carreras, Igor Yebra, Itziar Lazcano and Lucia Lacarra. Politicians have not been lacking either. The Minister of Culture, Miquel Iceta; the mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, and the Minister of Culture and spokesman for the Basque Government, Bingen Zupiria, have marched down the red carpet and posed for photographers with unequal fortune, harmed in comparison with the people on the scene.


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