March 3, 2021

the most touching endings

the most touching endings

There are already a few hours to celebrate the Christmas Lottery draw. Contrary to what some might think, the number of times each last number has appeared in the series awarded by the 'Gordo' since 1812 it is not evenly distributed among the numbers from 0 to 9. Thus, while the ball with the number 5 has been sung a total of 32 times, number 1, only 8, according to State Lotteries.

The number that has appeared the least is 1, which has only done it 8 times in more than 200 years. This year the winners of the most anticipated award, the Christmas Gordo, will receive 400,000 gross euros for the tenth prize. Those who are awarded with the second prize will receive 125,000 gross euros per tenth. And those who have bought a tenth finished in the same number as the Gordo will win the same as they played, ie 20 euros per Lottery ticket.


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