May 26, 2020

The most sustainable and supportive surfing – La Provincia

The surfing school instructors that work officially along the Las Canteras beach they will carry during their working hours a supportive fanny pack in which they can collect all kinds of plastics and waste that they find on the beach while they work.

It is an environmental initiative promoted by the Association of Surfing Schools of Gran Canaria in collaboration with the City Hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria through its City Council of the City of the Sea and with the sponsorship of Toyota Canarias, with which it is tried not only to contribute to the cleaning of the most emblematic beach of the city, but also to sensitize the athletes and the general population of the importance of keeping the beach free of plastics.

The presentation took place in the Cícer area of ​​Las Canteras beach, with the presence of the president of the Association of Surfing Schools of Gran Canaria, Sergio Álvarez, as well as a broad representation of schools, such as Ocean Side, 3RJ and BrisaSchool, and the Marketing Manager of Toyota Canarias, Félix Pérez Gutiérrez. For Sergio Álvarez, it is very necessary that the Surf Schools, “that we work in a natural environment, provide an initiative like this. We cannot also forget the didactic aspect, since we are educating all the students who learn with us, we make them aware on the importance of taking care of the environment. “

In a first phase Some 200 bum bags will be distributed to all monitors and also to students who request it. The Association of Surf Schools of Gran Canaria is formed by five centers, and for each one of them an average of 5,000 students per year passes, which means a real impact of about 25,000 people. “The Schools of Gran Canaria are pioneers in the world in terms of regulation and education and now we also want to get involved with adapted surfing, as Brazil is already doing, for example.”

According to the Marketing Manager of Toyota Canarias, the company has been involved in sustainable mobility for many years and for a year they have wanted to go hand in hand with coastal sports such as surfing and bodyboarding. “When the schools proposed this initiative to take care of the beach, we had no doubt.”

The solidarity fanny packs, which will also be available to surfers who request them, are light and comfortable and have a zipper so that instructors can store the small plastics and debris they find in the sand and water. The idea is that they can wear them attached to the waist without losing freedom of movement.

The Las Canteras Beach, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, it is considered one of the best urban beaches in the world. Along its three and a half kilometers of white sand, tourists, families of residents and athletes from numerous disciplines coexist in the practice of their favorite hobbies. The waves of La Cícer make it the ideal place for surfers and bodyboarders.

The tranquility of La Puntilla is perfect for a family beach day. And the richness of the seabed of Las Canteras Beach is a huge attraction for snorkeling enthusiasts, just to name a few examples. Thousands of users who enjoy this beach, jewel in the crown of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The surfing instructors, who carry out their activity 365 days a year throughout the day, will be the perfect ambassadors of this sustainable initiative carrying their solidarity fanny packs in sight of both their students, as well as other athletes, tourists, bathers and even Avenue users.


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