The most Spanish Pokémon game arrives:

The most Spanish Pokémon game arrives:

Premiere of the Pokémon game based on Spain

Pokémon is a saga that childhood has marked a lot of millions of children worldwide, not only for the well-known television series, starring Ash for the most part, but also for its games. The creator, Satoshi Tajiri, It released its first edition in the year nineteen ninety sixWith 3 different versions that mentioned a color, being blue, red or yellow, which had unique characters, a very characteristic mechanic that continues to be used today.

Starting today, the new Pokémon game will be present in all stores in its two formats: Scarletbased on the past, and Purple, which focuses on the future. Both styles have the same gameplay and will give the opportunity to share a game between users of one and the other, except for the exclusive ones. However, some data affirm that the Purple version would have a vision of a republican Spain.

new game of Pokemon

In this ninth generation, have been inspired by our country, Spain. So, we find several similarities that refer to zones and cultural symbols of the Iberian Peninsula. Under the title of 'pales', the new region features Pokémon with a design similar to our Typical products, as is the case of Smoliv, which represents an olive, or that of Lechonk, which is a pig.

On the other hand, the capital has been represented by a cloud. This version showsat the same time, how do they see us, since, Madrid is known for its mass of contamination, which is seen when crossing the tunnel. The implication from developers to do winksquite understandable for Spanish society, is of special relevance, causing hundreds of people to have reserved the video game months in advance so as not to miss out on the experience.

The most Spanish Pokémon game 2 arrives
Pokemon Smoliv