April 16, 2021

“The most reasonable thing is to complete the government agreement with the PP”

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has certified this Wednesday that his party is willing to agree again with Isabel Díaz Ayuso in order to complete the agreement that both parties closed in Madrid two years ago to govern in coalition. “The most reasonable thing for Madrid is that the government agreement that we had between Ciudadanos and the PP is maintained until the end of the legislature,” Arrimadas pointed out in an interview on the program Al Rojo Vivo. “It was a good pact for the citizens,” he insisted, stating that if they are decisive they will try to reissue it so that that Government “does not depend on the extremes,” he said, referring to Vox. Arrimadas recalled that in two years new elections will be held in Madrid and that if they agree again “it will not be free”, since they will place demands on the PP on the table to complete the “orange policies” of their party.

In his opinion, the best of that government that closed with Ayuso in May 2019 has been done by the councilors of Citizens in Economy, Culture, Sports or Social Policies, such as tax cuts, the fight against corruption, or obtaining aid for the sectors most affected by the health and economic crisis. However, he has acknowledged that they have not been able to “communicate well” to the people of Madrid these achievements.

Arrimadas has rejected an approach to Ángel Gabilondo considering, as the candidate of his party, Edmundo Bal, has also warned, that “it goes in a pack with Iglesias and Más Podemos”, in reference to Más Madrid, since the leader of the PSOE ” says the same phrases that Sánchez said before agreeing with Podemos “. “We need more humility, and a serious and moderate government that does not depend on extremes,” he insisted.

When asked if she has thought of resigning if Ciudadanos does not manage to enter the Madrid Assembly, Arrimadas recalled that they held an Assembly a year ago in which she was elected leader of the party and a strategy was set, but then she added: ” I understand that after the elections in Madrid they will ask for my resignation, that of Edmundo and Begoña Villacís. But one comes to politics to show one’s face, to do difficult things. ”


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