The most political presenters of the Goya Awards

The latest edition of theGoya Awards It was marked by controversy and by the flood of criticism received by the presenters, Ernesto Sevilla and Joaquín Reyes, as a result of their work at the head ofthe gala. A few days after it is celebratedthe gala of theGoya Awards 2019, led by Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia Abril, we review some of the most controversial masters of ceremonies.

As we mentioned, the comedians of 'La hora chanante' had a performance not without controversy in the edition of theGoya of 2018. With gags of dubious good taste, like the one in which Reyes vomited in the face of Langui, or phrases like "it is very important to vindicate the role of women, that's whythe gala I present it ", or" Handia is a science fiction movie because in the end there is a Basque who fucks ", the comedians set fire to the networks.

It is also worth mentioning Arturo Valls, who, in a gala in which the demand for equality on the part of women took a leading role, declared thatthe gala of theGoya It was not "a night to claim anything, but to talk more about cinema".

The Andalusian comedian and actor presentedthe gala of theGoya Awards in three consecutive editions. While his first performance was quite applauded in terms of freshness, humor and dynamism, the second received a lot of criticism from Internet users. There was talk of a "soporific" and repetitive gala, in which some jokes were described as "offensive".

The own Rovira got to affirm in Twitter that, after all the criticisms and the insults received, it had not been worth presentingthe gala of theGoya Awards.

The election of Manel Fuentes as presenter of the 28th edition of theGoya Awards in 2014 it was very criticized by users in the networks, and finally the development of the event ended up giving them the reason. The presenter of 'Tu cara me suena' led a gala that was rated as predictable and slow, in which many of his gags did not work and he was accused of overacting. As a note, it was the least viewed edition since 2009.

The presenter and comedian, endorsed by his role at the head of 'The comedy club', set a good performance inthe gala of theGoya Awards of the year 2012, so it was selected to be repeated in the later edition. However, it was in this that the critics arrived at a script overloaded with taunts and ironic messages, many with political overtones, which ended up tiring the audience.

The controversy is the traveling companion of Willy Toledo in recent years, and his work at the helm ofthe gala of theGoya in 2003 it is a true reflection of that. Along with his partner Alberto San Juan, he made one of the most vindictive galas that are remembered, making a plea against the government of José María Aznar and wearing t-shirts with the message of 'No a la guerra'.

The actress who plays Estela Reynolds in 'La que se avecina' was in charge of driving theGoya in the year 2000, after jumping to fame for her role as Agrado in the film by Almodóvar 'Todo sobre mi madre', for which she was also nominated for the award for revelation actress. The award finally ended up in the hands of Ana Fernández, and San Juan did not seem to fit it all right.

Your work in front of the rest ofthe gala was marked by the reluctance and absolute seriousness, which many attributed to not knowing how to lose.


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