Mon. Nov 18th, 2019

The most played 'memes' of the video of President Torra in the '30 minuts'

The program of TV3

30 minutes
yesterday dedicated a special to the incidents and episodes of violence that have been experienced during the last week in Catalonia. One of the parts that has had the greatest impact, especially in social networks, has been the moment when a camera of the program recorded the reaction of the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, upon learning that the president of the Government, Pedro SanchezHe refused to take the phone.

"Quins collons!”, Torra said at the time, which has become viral in social networks and that, as often happens, has encountered Hundreds of Internet users parodies that have taken the TV3 sequence out of context to try to give a humorous turn to what happened during these days. Or at least, at this particular moment.

For example, a Twitter user has decided put canned laughter to the whole sequence from 30 minutes, so that the message takes a turn towards comedy involuntarily. Or those who cut a piece of the dialogue so that it looks like Torra hallucinates upon hearing of a new system to scare away birds of the balconies.

Other parodies refer to topics as varied as candy at the bar or about which songs are the best in history. Others ask the President of the Generalitat direct questions. Almost any reason serves to parody one of the videos that has attracted the most attention in social networks In the last hours.

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