Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The most outstanding players this season of the parrot set

La revolución zurda del Espanyol

Lefties, in the SpanishThey are the revolution. The most outstanding players this season of the parakeet group that had not been in others are lefties. We talk about Mario Hermoso, Marc Roca Y Óscar Melendo. The three are young: 23, 22 and 21 years old, and for all three this year is that of consecration in First division.

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Mario Hermoso as unexpected leader

For Hermoso, this is his second season in the elite and the first with full confidence of the coach. The center has become one of the strongholds of the team, and is not only a player who stands out for its good work on the turf, but also is an important intangible value when it is on the pitch, due to its hierarchical nature , his courage and his ambition. An ankle injury had him standing a little over a month and his loss was noticed.

Count on a goalkeeper like Diego López and with defenses the likes of David López and Mario Hermoso, who have a good start on the ball, consolidated the philosophy of Ruby to defend with the ball on the feet and to start from the first line to triangular. In addition, the Madrid has three goals this season and is a center capable of kicking fouls, which is rare. These characteristics have not gone unnoticed by anyone and that is why he has two calls with the Spanish national team. Luis Enrique and at the same time be on the futuristic lists of powerful European teams.

Marc Roca, the piece that needs the gear

Marc Roca, on the other hand, is the key that makes it possible to connect the defense with the attack and that everything flows. The midfielder was condemned to oblivion last season by Quique Sánchez Flores but Rubi rescued him and from the first day gave him all the prominence to play only as a pivot and make do without them.

He started at a very high level, he also drew the attention of Europe's greats, he lowered his individual performance when that of the whole team went down and he is meeting again in this final stretch of the season, maybe with the European sub 21 between brow and brow, or maybe because the team has hit the key again. This is his third season in Primera and the canterano, when he has been available, has only seen one game from the bench (against the Atlético de Madrid at Metropolitan, where he did not play for a minute).

Melendo, the fantasy of the team

The last one is perhaps the least mediatic but by Melendo the Espanyol fans could take the Bastille. The most virtuous of the three lefties struggled to get an undisputed incumbent, but now there seems to be no turning back, and more after the game against the Alavés, in which he was the best of the match and his boots began the two goals.

Last season he sealed his name with fire his name in Cornellà by scoring the goal at Barça in the victory in the first leg of quarters Cup, but it has not been until these last months in which he has left behind his intermittent protagonism to be a fundamental and different piece in the team's scheme. Out of the school of Espanyol, is the one that is better associated with the forwards and adds touch to the quality of Sergi Darder in the center of the field.

The opportunity of Pedrosa

Against Alavés, another left-handed player was called to be important in the increasingly present future of Espanyol: Adrià Pedrosa. The small left-back, still with the team's record, has had some opportunity with the first team and has taken advantage of them, especially in Copa and now in League.

The injury of Rosales, of which the scope is still unknown, may give you the opportunity to end the season as a starter, because so far Rubi had preferred to play according to what occasions Javi López a changed band to bet on Pedrosa, who still needs to mature defensively. The opportunity seems more evident still because Dídac Vilà is going through a somewhat irregular phase.

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