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The most original ideas to give on Valentine's Day

The most original ideas to give on Valentine's Day

It is always a good date to surprise with a gift to loved ones. And it is always a good day to have a detail with our partner.

If there is also an excuse to give, we can not miss the occasion. As much as some consider Valentine's Day as a commercial claim … what's the difference? It is very likely that it is. But if you open the doors to give us a party and break the routine of every day, welcome!

Today, we have dates for practically all things, it would be bad if we did not have a focus on love.

So, even though we love each other every day, on February 14, he puts us on a plate to remember especially the good times and to dedicate some time to creating a good memory more. In the form of details of love, of course, but also of gifts.

And starting with the plans to enjoy together, which can come in experience boxes or in the form of supplements to travel better, for the most technological, and following the good ideas as much for him as for her, we come to the most original gifts.

Objects as curious as a rose gold at an affordable price, or some Swarovski earrings, or a wall clock with no frame and a decorative size …

Or as useful as a quick cooler for beer and wine, a piggy bank to keep track of what we save … items that will allow us to give a good surprise and put the icing on a day that should be unforgettable.

Rose gold

A rose bathed in 24 carat gold. With a process done by hand in a 64-step process that takes three months to complete. And in the end it is preserved with natural protein resin, and the petals, leaves and branches are plated in gold, so the rose never withers.

And since it is made from a real rose, there are no two alike. And it will last you all the life placed on a table or on a shelf to remember, every time you look at it, how much you love it.

Bluetooth cap with built-in headphones

The best way to move more modern with music on the street. A soft, good quality hat with 30% cotton and 70% polyester. It fits well on the head and is quite comfortable.

Inside it has inserted headphones that are connected by bluetooth. Their sound quality is more than acceptable, and they are easily linked with the phone. They also have a six hours autonomy and a load time of two and a half.

The hat is completed with a few buttons that are outside, at the height of the ear, from which you can control the sound and answer calls.

If you are going to use them for sports, there are no problems with sweat or rain, since they are disassembled and you can wash your hat calmly.

A world map to scratch … with your travels

It is probably one of the most accurate 'scratch' travel maps, thanks to its clearly defined borders. It is made with 100% ecological materials and is easy to scratch without breaking or being punctured.

An idea of ​​the most original for the very travelers, who will be able to scratch those places where they have already been, to always keep in mind what they lack. But it can also be useful to mark travel objectives that we would like to go to.

With the map comes a set of accessories consisting of stickers, the scraper and a cleaning cloth. And its measurements are 61 × 42 centimeters.

Quick cooler for wine, beer …

Very useful for quickly cooling bottles of wine or beer. And to keep the cold once we take them out of the fridge and bring them to the table. The best way to replace the bucket, so many times slow and voluminous, by a discreet device that will surprise.

This cooler, that all we have to do is put it in the bottle, consists of a stainless steel bar that contains inside a hermetically sealed non-toxic gel. Once frozen, the bar is kept at low temperature for hours.

Crystal storm detector

It is not as reliable as a barometer or as the professional weather forecast, but it is a decorative and fun article that will give us clues about the coming storms.

It consists of a bottle with a gel introduced in a liquid, which theoretically reacts to changes in climate. And among its buyers there are opinions for all tastes.

Digital tire pressure gauge

A small, compact manometer that almost resembles an ear thermometer and fits in the glove compartment of the car. And it is also compatible for motorcycles and bicycles.

It has a digital backlit LCD screen, which looks perfectly even at night, and its battery is long-lasting.
To use it, simply unscrew the tire valve cap and insert the nozzle for. At that time, just press the button to show the wheel pressure on the screen.

The piggy bank that keeps the account

A piggy bank that is not necessary to open to know the money we have saved is always a great invention. And if it comes prepared for almost all European currencies, even better.

It is a transparent boat resistant to shock thanks to being made of ABS, which is what is also known as 'engineering plastic'. Its size, 2.5 liters, which means a capacity for 800 or up to a thousand coins, depending on the size.

The lid has a slot that identifies the coin by its weight or size and the sum, memorizing the total until you decide to delete it explicitly. And it requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

The static bicycle that does not take up space

So long without being able to have an exercise bike because we can not stay at home … and the excuse is over. Now we can exercise legs and arms with a small and friendly device. Because it only measures 43x32x20 centimeters and weighs 4 kilos, and we can sit down to 'work' on the sofa.

In addition you can adjust the resistance of the pedals so we can choose different levels of difficulty. And if we sit on a chair and place it on the table, we can do the arm exercise, which is also very useful.

It has a multifunction HD LCD screen, very easy to use and shows the exercise time, speed, revolutions per minute, distance traveled and calories burned. And it comes with a non-slip mat to place under the stand and a durable steel construction frame.

Ocean light projector with music

It's like having the sea on the roof of the room, some of its users say. And the truth is that this projector is very well thought out to relax any adult before sleeping or to prevent children from being afraid with the light off.

It brings as a series some predetermined sounds besides the sea with seagulls included: trill of birds, crickets, water. You can also set the time you want to stay on (one hour, two, four, or even all night).

Little Mermaid Blanket

Original crochet blanket in the form of a mermaid tail, which will turn our girl into a real mermaid. It is woven with 100% acrylic material and measures 70 x 140 centimeters. It is recommended to wash by hand or with a delicate program

Bluetooth gloves

These winter gloves are the perfect companion to do almost anything without chilling your hands. Even talking on the phone by just doing the typical gesture of a lifetime with two fingers stretched. Because they carry a microphone on the index finger and a speaker on the thumb. And you can connect to all smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth, so they are also a perfect technological accessory for listening to music.

Game of Thrones music box

It is a very special gift for lovers of Game of Thrones. And it's easy for your partner to be. Because it is the most popular series in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

The music box is small. 5.5cms in diameter and 4.5 in height. It has a manual musical crank that you have to turn with your hand to sound the music. And although the quality of the sound is not at all that of a stereo, the fact is that of 118 opinions in amazon it gets a 4.8 of note over five, which says a lot in its favor.

Ballpoint pen with tools

A true multipurpose pen that includes a scale rule of 10 centimeters, a bubble level meter, four ballpoint pen refills, a touch screen pen, and two screwdrivers (flat and star). An original and very practical gift for handymen who want to be able to 'act' at any time.

Wall clock without frame

A very lucid gift once placed, and also allow a little enjoyment to DIY enthusiasts, or those who are a little handy. A clock with a diameter that oscillates between 90-100 cm (standard) in diameter, and that should not go down of 70 cm or go up of 130 cm. The placement is a bit laborious, but anyone can do it.

Placing the numbers on the wall is simple thanks to the template that is included. And each one is made up of two pieces: one of rigid adhesive foam that gives it thickness and is stuck to the wall, and another adhesive metal piece that sticks on the foam and gives the final finish. But attention, because the adhesive is very strong and once tight … Then the operation is quite silent.

Handmade bath bombs

A fantastic gift for the bathroom and with a presentation at the height of the content. Seven pumps with aromas of mauve blossom, orange cinnamon, lime-macadamia, strawberry-fig, chocolate and black rose, which also nourish the skin ..

A vegan product, without artificial colors and that only uses additives with natural and organic ingredients, such as shea butter and cocoa moisturizer, fruit extracts, essential oils and flower petals.

Support and quick charger for car

Very easy to install in almost any ventilation grille, this wireless car charger achieves a charging speed up to 50% faster than standard chargers. And in addition, according to the manufacturer, the integrated circuit chip intelligently detects the remaining battery charge and improves the life of the phone.

Compatible for Samsung Galaxy S9, S9, S8, S8, S7 Edge, S7 Edge, S6 Edge, S6 Edge, Note 8, Note 5, iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, Nexus 5, 6, LG V30, V35, G6 , G7 ThinQ and other devices enabled for wireless charging (Qi).

Box for tea bags

Thought to save and to present our guests when we offer a tea or tea bag. An organizer box with six departments handmade in resistant mango wood. It comes with a rustic 'vintage' finish and a motif of hand-engraved leaves on the front.

The mango wood is light, durable, non-slip, water resistant and ecological. And clean it with a soft cloth.

Swarovski Pearl Earrings

The classic pearl earrings, but Swarovski. With the elegance of a simple design and designed for daily use. Simple in form and color, but with the classic conviction that white pearls symbolize innocence, beauty, sincerity and new beginnings. And hence it remains, today, a classic for bridal jewelry.

They are made of 925 sterling silver, without allergens, without nickel, without cadmium, without lead; And the pearl is Swarovski with a size of 0.8cm and a weight of 1.89 grams.

Belt to wear the motorcycle helmet

The motorcycle helmet is essential when we go on wheels, but it becomes a heaviness when we get off the bike and we always take a hand, either in a bag, or loose. That's why it's such a good idea to use this strap, which is easy to connect to the micrometric buckle worn by most helmets. And that is 'hooked' connecting each end to its counterpart.

This helmet holder is coated in such a way that when it is crossed, the helmet is balanced and the weight is barely noticeable. And when you do not need it, it folds to a size of only 9 cm, and you can store it in a bag or even in a pocket. It is made of synthetic polyester and has a mesh lining in the part that rests on the shoulder.

Essential oil diffuser

This diffuser is capable of providing up to eight hours of continuous steam thanks to its water tank with a capacity of 300 ml. It works in ultrasonic mode and turns off automatically when it detects a low water level.

The air humidifier produces a fog that cools, but does not cool, to achieve less dry air and a lower risk of respiratory infections. And the steam flow is adjustable, to be able to intensify or reduce, and to be permanent over time.

Double car camera

Double camera … double security. Camera for the car with 1080p recording. and a very wide angle of view, 170 ° ahead and 160 ° behind, allowing you to cover the entire road and record both in front and behind.

It is very easy to install and your Sony sensor captures all images in Full HD. And it is also prepared to get a more than acceptable image at night.

It also incorporates an emergency recording mode, with a G-sensor system that automatically activates the recordings to catch unexpected incidents.

Lamp with your photo

Probably one of the most original gifts of this selection. The fact of being little known and customizable give it many possibilities of success, since it is also well finished and the company has a customer service department with which most customers show their satisfaction.

It is a lamp formed by a base and a photo of the beloved person, or of the couple, which looks pretty good.

Bubble machine for a fantasy day

This bubble machine may be a more fun than original gift, but precisely because of the atmosphere that this machine is capable of creating, we can form with it the perfect decoration for the delivery of the Valentine's star gift, and turn the moment into something really unforgettable.

The machine has a high performance rotor that rotates at a speed of 18-22 rpm to generate thousands of bubbles per minute, and a fan that makes them go up.

It can be used manually or by remote control and is built in a sturdy metal housing, so it does not look like the typical delicate gadget that ends up lasting little more than a soap bubble.

The machine comes without liquid to make bubbles, which can be found in many brands and models like this one

A very useful system both to get out of the car on a dark street and to get other cars to see us when we open the door and they will move by our side.

It is a very easy system to install, without wires or holes, which sticks to the interior of the door with 3M magnets, and emits a powerful beam of red light for any other car to see us. And it also projects the logo of the brand onto the floor, illuminating it enough to prevent us from putting our foot in a puddle or stepping on the typical and excessively frequent dog poop.

There are many brands.

High technology for Whiskey

An ideal system for when we get caught without beer in the fridge, or with the wine warmer than it should be or … a formula to cool drinks without the ice water spoiling them. And they are easy to clean, and we will not need to invest time or money to always have an alternative to ice in the freezer.

These cubes are made 100% stainless steel, and with about three hours in the freezer will come out cold enough to give the ideal temperature to your favorite drink. Afterwards, yes, they are not thinking to keep it cold for hours ..

Basket to enjoy the field

There is no better gift for a couple if they like excursions and field trips on weekends. The perfect complement to eat enjoying nature is this picnic basket that also has everything you need for four people.

The spacious interior is thermal and the basket contains a thermal bottle holder, nylon straps, 4 knives 4 forks 4 spoons 4 crystal glasses 4 white ceramic plates. And the height, with handle included, is 43 centimeters.

Funny bookmark

A very funny gift if your partner is very fond of reading. It does not have much more history than a page marker designed in such a way that it seems that we have crushed the doll with the leaves. But it's fun and original for the meager budgets.

Tool case, in pink

It's been a long time since bricolage stopped being something exclusively for boys. And this toolkit demonstrates that anyone can face the multiple odds and ends of a house without being forced to lose good taste or love for their favorite colors.

A briefcase all in pink, to comply with the aesthetics while we fix … the things of the home.

Ionic Hair Straightening Brush

It is not the perfect smoothing that an iron can give us, but if you do not have excessively curly hair it makes a quick and easy service, and saves a lot of time each morning. Because it also leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy looking.

The pink part of the brush is heated as if it were a hair straightener and on an LCD screen that has on the handle the programmed temperature appears when we turn it on. Then it goes indicating the temperature to which it is in each moment, until it reaches the programmed temperature. And with the plus buttons (+) and minus (-) the temperature is selected, which can reach 250 degrees.

Portable espresso machine

Now you can have a fresh coffee when and where you want. Thanks to this portable coffee maker that only needs boiling water to work.

'Minipresso' does not need a battery or electric power. And you can make multiple types of espresso, from ristretto to a long coffee.

Apparently it is like a portable thermos, of modern and elegant design, with measures that make it easy to handle (20 × 7.5 × 7.5 centimeters) and a weight of 372 grams.

Funny toothpick

It is as original and fun as practical and simple. This toothpick has a manual mechanism by which he can offer us a toothpick without having to touch all the others. Of course, it can cause more than a laugh on the table. And to load it we just have to lift the lid and place the chopsticks inside, making sure they are rounded.

Set 'professional' to make cocktails

Another way to have a good time and make others enjoy when they come to have a drink at our house. A set of cocktails to learn how to prepare a perfect Mojito, a Manhattan, a Daiquiri, Martini, Gin Fizz, Whiskey Sour, Tom Collins and many more.

The shaker is large capacity 750 ml. and has the filter incorporated in the lid, so we will not need strainers or similar. It also has a plug that fits perfectly and does not allow leaks when shaking.

It also incorporates a meter, a crusher and a long-handled spoon with a spiral design.

Replica of the World Cup

If your boy is a champion, tell him how he most likely likes it. Not with flowers or jewelry. With nothing less than a reproduction of the Soccer World Cup. Of 35 cm. of height and a weight of 690 grams. Almost the same size as the real one (36.8 cm.) But easier to lift, in every way.

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