The most mediatic moments of Rigoberta Bandini until arriving at 'Benidorm Fest'

ANDhe 'Benidorm Fest 2022' reaches its grand finale tonight with Rigoberta Bandini among one of his great favorites to take the bronze microphone. The singer has achieved a lot of repercussion throughout these weeks of candidacies with the theme 'Ay, mama', although it also has quite outstanding moments throughout his life and personal trajectory. We review the most outstanding moments of Rigoberta Bandini.

The 'Benidorn Fest' is not his only televised contest: he participated in the 'Zecchino d'Oro'.

His participation in the first edition of the 'Benidorm Fest' nor is it the first that Rigoberta Bandini participated in a musical contest. When she was just 6 years old, in 1990, the artist participated in 'Zecchino d'oro', an international festival of children's songs, which promotes the production of songs for them, artistically valid and inspired by ethical, civic and social ideals. The girl participated with the song 'La scatola dei tesori' ('The box of treasures')

'Caillou' or 'Elza' from Frozen: the characters that Rigoberta Bandini has spoken about

In addition to being a singer, Paula Ribó, the real name of Rigoberta Bandini, has dubbed many characters from international productions into Spanish since she was very young. Two of the most important characters he has done have been Elsa from 'Frozen' and Caillouthe main character in an animated series based on the books by the writer Christine L'Heureux and the illustrator Hélène Desputeaux and released in the late 1990s.

'Perra' in 'Late motiv', the performance dreamed of by Spanish eurofans

In the middle of last 2021, after the last eurovision disappointment, eurofans began to get excited about the idea that Rigoberta Bandini was the representative of Spain in Eurovision after seeing her perform in 'Late Motiv'. The artist gave a performance of 'Perra', which was highly commented on by the community of Eurofans in our country due to its performance, the message and the good feelings that she left behind after listening to it.

'Perra', the new anthem by María Patiño in 'Sálvame'

Not only has pay television given visibility to work and talent, but so have large general channels such as Telecinco. Without going further, María Patiño valued the song 'Perra' and its lyrics during the summer of this past 2021 in 'Sálvame'becoming one of his new hymns together with 'No dejes de soñar' by María Patiño.

Rigoberta Bandini, BSO of the new Rocío Carrasco special

One of the last opportunities in which Rigoberta Bandini and their music have become the protagonist of 'Regreso a Montealto'the new special starring Rocío Carrasco in which the house where she lived with her belongings is rebuilt, just as she did with other Eurovision artists such as Barbara Pravi or Gjon Tears.

'Sálvame': The promotion you want from the festival you want

The Benidorm Fest 2022 is achieving a significant impact in the world of television in our country. Despite different chain, 'Sálvame' had the TVE contest very present on Thursday and has continued to campaign for Rigoberta's candidacyshowing skirts in which they were encouraged to vote for the aforementioned artist.

At various times in the afternoon A man with a tit costume has appeared while carrying a poster with the face of the interpreter of 'Ay mama'that tonight the pass to the final next Saturday, January 29, is played.

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