August 4, 2020

The most magical "Yes, I want": that of the Canary Islands – The Province

Off the coast of Hawaii or on the majestic farms of Tuscany, theCanary Islandsthey have become a scene of international recognition to celebratea dream wedding.

Aatmosphere full of magic, impressive natural spaces and our proudaverage of 24ºC, are three of the key factors that attract people from all over the world to give themselves the'Yes, I want' between seas and volcanoes.

And it would be more. Not every day there is a volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that offers usa pure and wild habitat,where the roads merge with mountains, we breathe pure air and walk on the sand, barefoot and smiling, at any time of the day. And of the year, too!

Yes.The Canary Islands have a unique magnetism.A kind of magic that bathes the weddings of hundreds of travelers who visit the archipelago exclusively to marry, and, of course: those of thousands and thousands of Canarians who do not think that there is a better place.

Lanzarote and La Graciosa: favorites for love

Between reddish lands, golden sands and volcanic rofe,Lanzaroteand La Graciosa are positioned as the most exclusive spacesto celebrate a different wedding.

Lanzarote is not only distinguished by its inherent magnetism, but by the opportunity to celebrate such a special day insome of the most emblematic spaces of the island,creations of César Manriquefull of cultural richness.

TheJameos del AguaThey are, without a doubt, the most spectacular option.A harmonious ideology between artistic creation and nature inside a volcanic tube that César Manrique turned into a visual poem.The Castle of San José, headquarters of the International Museum of Contemporary Art, is another of the most desired spaces, with an elegant Lanzarote identity and views of the bay of Arrecife, with an intimate atmosphere and gastronomic renown.

TheHouse-Museum of the Peasant, on the other hand, has become the favorite choice of those who dream of a traditional wedding, enriched withthe charm of the roots of Lanzarote, because between white walls, green wood and volcanic stone, the contrast of tones and textures seems to go beyond the real thing.The wineries La Floridathey close the list of the most demanded in the conejera island: with a strategic situation, these wineries at the foot of the volcano prepare every detail with care to live a celebration full of a peculiar charm.

La Graciosa,On the other hand, he presumes to have gathered well-known personalities in various celebrations of dreams. And it is that,celebrate loveUnder the magic of an unpaved island, dotted with golden, black and ocher tones, and with its own atmosphere, it goes far beyond anyfairy tale.

There will still be those who prefer Las Vegas. However, when we think about it a bit, it is inevitable to come to the conclusion thatin the Canary Islands we have everything.The most beautiful environment to celebrate love, too. And, sometimes, all it takes is an interisland flight or a twenty-minute ferry to remember it.


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