The most inclusive eSports take Elder - The Province

The most inclusive eSports take Elder - The Province

Up to 64 players have taken the Elder Museum this morning to compete in the first unified tournament of the sports electronic A pioneering game modality within the eSports born with the aim of promoting the integration between people with and without intellectual disability through a competition to the videogame of basketball NBA 2k19.

The day started with the first games in which we could already see the great atmosphere that reigns in the Elder, a space that usually hosts eSports events throughout the year. The Telefónica volunteers have worked so that the site offers an integration space for the most vulnerable sectors of society.

"ESports do not wait to be developed to integrate vulnerable groups, but it grows hand in hand with them," said Milagros Brito, of the Canarian Foundation UD Las Palmas. All the unified sports have a regulation adapted to maintain a fair competition, healthy and, above all, integrative. In this way, the Unified eSports will have a specific regulation that guarantees this philosophy during the celebration of the competition.

Sportsmanship reigned in the environment. The important thing is not to win, but to participate with everyone. In this way, the Telefónica volunteers have participated along with people with intellectual disabilities in games to the NBA 2k19. The event is promoted by the Telefónica Foundation, Special Olympics Madrid, Canary Sports Union Foundation of Las Palmas, Elder Museum of Science and Technology, PlayStation, and with the collaboration of Plena Inclusión Canarias.

In addition to the championship, the Elder Museum will host training talks about eSports. At 11.10 am, Juan Pérez, from Dánae Psychology Cabinets and Director of Aequor Games, will talk about "eSports, opportunities to build a better world outside the Sims".

Next, at 11.30 am, Milagros Brito, from the Fundación Canaria UD Las Palmas, you will discover "a team with values: eSports UDLP". At 11.50 am, Iván Alameda, from Special Olympics Madrid, will talk about "when we play, we are all equal". At 12.20, GC Liberty will discover the benefits of video games for deaf people.

At 12.30 there will be a round table where the trend of eSports in the social world will be openly discussed. Before concluding the table, a questionnaire on eSports will be held to those present at the Elder Museum to close the debate.


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