August 4, 2021

The most inclusive art – The Province

The most inclusive art - The Province

Art as a way to normalize the group of people with functional disabilities. With that starting point as philosophy was presented yesterday in society Our People, Our Art, a cultural circuit that will take place between October and December throughout the archipelago and in which 500 artists with different disabilities, belonging to 60 associations, will show their work in fields ranging from theater to music through painting, sculpture, pottery or manual works, with the aim of making visible and valuing people with physical as well as mental disabilities in our society.

The theater will become one of the highlights of the wide program of activities, serving as an aperitif a performance carried out during the event by a group of actors of the Canary Foundation for the Deaf (Funcasor), which represented a sketch "with a format without dialogue, only with corporal and facial expression, with the aim of making it accessible to all people," explains David Rodríguez, educator and mediator at the Hellen Keller Occupational Center. "In fact, when we make the complete representation, which lasts about 30 minutes, we have planned an audio service that will tell blind people what happens on stage so that it is 100% accessible."


He started the idea of ​​making a work in which eight actors take part and that "has been growing with contributions from amateur theater teachers of the Auditorium of Tenerife, who have worked with them, educators and users themselves" , points María José Rodríguez, who also works as an educator in Funcador.

Implementing a project of this nature "is complicated," David Rodríguez admits, "since each one has certain characteristics, some use sign languages, others do not and listeners speak normally," so the system requires a collaboration "between all of them, one is signing, another is explaining in oral language … In the end we adapt to them and act as communicative mediators," says María José, while her partner recognizes that "when you want to address everyone at once, it is complicated, so often we put ourselves as a reference, we do what they have to do and they imitate us ", although in the end" they contribute their ideas, their jokes … When the structure is consolidated and the beginning and end is known and what it touches is to rehearse, rehearse and rehearse. "

All that work of a year will have its highlight on December 2, within the performances scheduled for that day in the lagoon Teatro Leal, when Pritsa, adventures in a bus see the light for a group that already accumulates extensive experience, since "we have been doing this type of work for four years. Explore Clown, with which we even went to Galicia; A little bit of all, in which we interspersed sketchs with poems; Pipes P'al parrot, that was a pirate story and this Pritsa, that we already did last year, "having in front" a project for a new amateur theater, "says María José.

And each of them, each time they get on stage, "we are more nervous than they are, they do it with great naturalness, just as they are", something that the public always recognizes and values, given that "the most important thing We see them acting, it gives us the feeling that we finally get it, but seeing them, when they go on stage and, at the end, applaud them … It's incredible ", concludes David. A feeling that can live and enjoy during these months half a thousand artists with multiple types of disabilities but with something in common: a creativity that comes from a strength and special courage to move forward.


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