Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

The most exciting video of Juanito, 27 years after his death

The most exciting video of Juanito, 27 years after his death

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In the 7th minute the Bernabéu sings "illa, illa, illa, Juanito maravilla". On April 2, 1992 Juanito died in a race accident, 27 years have passed "molto longos" from a different, great, mad and madridista soccer player. He was born in Fuengirola and grew up in the Atletico youth academy, but he got injured and the Atletico club did not know how to wait for him. He went to Burgos. And he signed Real Madrid. He won five leagues (1978, 1979, 1980, 1986 and 1987), two Copas del Rey (1980 and 1982), two UEFA Cups (1985 and 1986), a League Cup (1985) and a trophy for top scorer. (1984).

But it is not the numbers, it is the intangible, what was left: the League that loses Madrid 1981, because Zamora marks the goal that gave the League title to Real Sociedad while Juanito is walking on his knees in Valladolid celebrating the title. His "90 minuti at the Bernabéu are molto longos" in what he thought was Italian, to define that Bernabéu of stage fright, that passionate Madrid like him, of great failures and incredible comebacks. The time he leaves the field giving jumps to be replaced, impossible to disguise his passion.

Or the uncontrollable part: when he shakes a referee in 1978 in the European Cup, with a sanction of 2 years without playing. «It is unfair and inadmissible. I did not hit him, I just called him a son of a bitch, and that's a custom in Spain, we all tell the referees ». When Lothar Mathaus stepped on his head in 1987, already in the twilight of his career. "In my sports career I've had two" yos. "Today I've been awkward, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I did that, I screwed up, I made a mistake, I curse, I curse that irrational behavior I had tried to educate." , explained. He returned to Málaga. Curro Romero literally cut his queue in 1989, became Mérida's coach and, after seeing his Madrid in a match against Torino, lost his life on the road.


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