Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The most emotional short film about a Betis and Sevilla fan

The most emotional short film about a Betis and Sevilla fan

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Sevilla is at Betis and Betis is at Sevilla what the cats to the water, Quevedo to Góngora or Real Madrid to Barcelona. Well, what is said well, do not take: there has always been a historical rivalry between the two for the football dominance of the Andalusian capital, and it does not look like the feeling will end soon. Uber, the transport company VTC, has produced a short film to try to calm the mood between both hobbies facing the derby next Saturday.

The piece illustrates a homosexual couple who decides to get married When they tell it at home, everything is bad; "We all have times of confusion and we make wrong decisions"; "Sometimes there are things that there is no choice but to accept them." The link does not generate a good omen between both families. In the end, what seemed a somewhat homophobic situation turns into the opposite: the animosity to the wedding is born by the sympathy of the opposing team right to the support of each family. "Go with the one of béticos that there is to choose and you leave with one of Seville", comments one of the actresses.

The short, in the end, makes a call for peace and calm between both hobbies: "There is a wedding / derby / football. Let's go". Both teams, through their official Twitter accounts, cried out "for a derby based on coexistence, respect and tolerance".


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