June 21, 2021

The most convulsive month of the richest man: Bezos turns against blackmail | Companies

The most convulsive month of the richest man: Bezos turns against blackmail | Companies

TO Jeff Bezos They have touched his nose. The founder of Amazon and the richest man in the world (with an estimated fortune of more than 100,000 million euros) has denounced this week having been subjected to blackmail by the tabloid newspaper National Enquirer. This publication, close to US President Donald Trump, had threatened to publish some personal photos of light clothing magnate.

Bezos has chosen not to give in to extortion. In a post Published on Thursday on the Medium website, the businessman reveals that the journalists of the National Enquirer warned him that they had compromising photographs. A month earlier, the tycoon had announced through his Twitter account that he was in the process of divorce of Mackenzie, his wife in the last 25 years. Precisely it was the tabloid National Enquirer the first to publish that Bezos had a relationship with the television host Lauren Sanchez.

Before the threat of publishing those personal images, Bezos has gone on the attack. In the post, directed to David Pecker (editor of National Enquirer), accuses him of having used his media to boost Trump's presidential campaign. Specifically, with the purchase of exclusives that hurt Trump, to keep them in a drawer and prevent their publication by other means. Bezos also assures that Pecker is being investigated for his relationship with the Government of Saudi Arabia.

To understand this crossing of accusations, one must bear in mind that Bezos is the owner of the Washington Post newspaper (one of the most influential and respected in the United States). This newspaper was investigating Pecker's actions to benefit Trump. So that this investigation did not come to light, Pecker would have blackmailed Bezos with publishing the aforementioned compromising photos. He would have proposed not to publish them whenever Bezos recognized that the National Enquirer was not acting for partisan reasons.

Jeff Bezos has come to hire a private detective to find out how the National Enquirer learned of his relationship with Lauren Sánchez, and how those photos would have come to his power. In his plea against Pecker, the tycoon says there are many people close to Trump who are upset by the Washington Post's investigations into Pecker's relationship with the Saudi regime.

To all this scandal was added on Friday an additional problem for Bezos. The Washington Post (which has always shown its independence with respect to its owner) public that AmAzon was rethinking his project to open a New York headquarters, which involved the creation of 25,000 jobs, due to opposition from local politicians.

According to sources quoted by the US media, Amazon executives have held several talks to reassess the situation in New York and explore other alternatives. "The question is whether it is worth it if New York politicians do not want the project, considering how welcoming they have been in Virginia and Nashville," explains one of these sources.


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