June 24, 2021

The most controversial math contest in NBA history: “It’s over, I don’t participate anymore”

32 years after the mythical math contest between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins in Chicago, history repeated itself. In 1988 the judges a little less than gave the title to the legend of the Bulls. Yesterday the beneficiary was the forward of the Heat Derrick Jones Jr. The injured, the power forward of the Orlando Magic Aaron Gordon.

The United Center in Chicago hosted one of the best contests of recent years. On the day he turned 23 Derrick Jones did two perfect mates. Aaron Gordon also scored 100 points in his first two attempts. In the first tiebreaker history repeated itself. Full for both. The second tiebreaker was started by Jones with a flight where he beat 20 centimeters ahead of the free throw line. And he finished it with a grinder with his left hand that was 48 points. Aaron Gordon’s response consisted of recruiting rookie Celtics Tacko Fall and his 2.26 meters. He placed the ball at the height of his head, placed it near the basket and flew over it to sink the ball into the basket. The judges only gave him 47 points.

It is the second defeat by the minimum after losing the 2016 contest against guard Zach LaVine, current player of the Chicago Bulls. His reaction was sharp: “It’s not about trying to look good, nor looking for justifications. I feel like I should have two trophies. It’s over, he didn’t participate anymore. My next goal is to try to win the three-point contest.” The presence in the jury of the former Heat Dwyane Wade player is considered the key to the score that left Gordon without the title.

The second day of the All Star also left the announcement of the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, that the MVP trophy of the All-Star Party will now be called Kobe Bryant MVP. The Lakers escort who died in a helicopter accident returned to be the protagonist yesterday. Dwight Howard, pivot of the Lakers, honored him by wearing his shirt in the math contest. At the birthday party of Michael Jordan a mural was formed with flowers of the number 24 and the statements in his memory were constant all day.

The triple contest was for the Kings Buddy Hield player. His victory also had a lot to do with what happened in the 1988 edition in Chicago. I needed to score at least four pitches in the last car. He scored the first three, failed the fourth and, as Larry Bird did 32 years earlier, plugged the last to take the contest.


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