The most controversial and fun moments of Mila Ximénez on television

The collaborator, Mila Xímenez.

The collaborator, Mila Xímenez.

Mila Ximénez has passed away at 69 years of age after battling lung cancer that was detected more than a year ago. Throughout her life, in addition to collaborating with other media such as ABC, COPE and Lecturas, the journalist has been closely linked to television by competing in 'Survivors 2016' and 'GH VIP 7' and being a collaborator in many Mediaset formats such as 'Crónicas Marcianas', 'By your side', 'La noria' and 'Save me', among others. We review the most controversial and fun moments of Mila Ximénez on television.

His fashion show with Carmina Ordoñez the day Paquirri died.

Before becoming one of the most outstanding collaborators of Mediaset, Mila Ximénez was also known in the world of the heart. In fact, the journalist recalled in an interview at the beginning of Canal Sur a fashion show that she did with Carmina Ordoñez, coincidentally, the day Paquirrí died.

The anger of Xavier Sardá for insulting in 'Crónicas Marcianas'

Before being a collaborator of 'Sálvame', Mila Ximénez went through 'Crónicas Marcianas', Telecinco's most remembered late night, being the protagonist of several quite rough and tense moments. One of the most remembered was the anger that Xavier Sardà, presenter and director of the program ', threw him in full direct by his tone: "I am fed up with this language."

"Rara, sinister, strange, dark": Mila Ximénez's most controversial statements about Isabel Pantoja in 'Here is tomato'

At the end of 2003, Mila Ximénez returned to be fully topical due to some statements she made in 'Here there is tomato', and it caused a major legal problem. The journalist referred to Isabel Pantoja as a "strange, sinister, strange, dark person", something for which the tonadillera filed a lawsuit in which she claimed more than 300,000 euros.

Six years after those statements, a judge finally sentenced Ximénez to pay 480 euros to Isabel Pantoja and 6,000 euros more for skipping the precautionary measures that the judge had imposed.

His eternal confrontations with Karmele Marchante

Throughout the first years of 'Sálvame', Mila Ximénez collided with Karmele Marchante on numerous occasions, a journalist with whom she experienced many moments of confrontation and tension on the set of the Telecinco program in which, for example, glasses were thrown of waters and insulted each other.

Yola Berrocal, Mila Ximénez's main rival in 'Survivors 2016'

In 2016, the Telecinco collaborator became one of the most prominent contestants on 'Survivors'. Throughout the more than 80 days that he was in the contest, Ximénez had strong confrontations with Yola Berrocal. “She is a great fake and she is a great manipulator. She has been with Carla great for two weeks and the nomination is free, but the word is also ", he assured after learning that he nominated her at a gala.

Mila Ximénez's imitation of Isabel Pantoja in 'Sálvame'

Throughout her 12 years of life, Mila Ximénez also starred in a lot of funny moments in 'Save me'. One of the most remembered was the imitation of Isabel Pantoja with Kiko Hernández, who pretended to be her brother Agustín Pantoja.

Reconciliation with Isabel Pantoja in the corridors of Telecinco

After several years of enmity, Mila Ximénez buried the hatchet in the summer of 2019. After her signing as judge of 'Idol Kids', 'Sálvame' got her collaborator and the tonadillera to meet again in the corridors of Telecinco, doing peace with a hug that was broadcast live.

Her entry in 'GH VIP': pissed off to enter through the cat flap

Mila Ximénez was also one of the most remembered contestants of the last editions of 'GH VIP 7', giving moments since she entered the reality show house. In fact, his start of the contest was starred by the anger he had when he learned that he had to enter through the cat flap, although, finally, he got out of his own way and acceded through the door.

Mila Ximénez's passage through 'GH VIP': Screams, anxiety attacks and her 'No stop, no stop, no stop'

Apart from her striking entry, the truth is that Mila Ximénez managed to reach the final of the seventh edition of 'GH VIP', starring in some of the most outstanding moments of the coexistence for various reasons. Her screams of rage, her enmity with Hugo Castejón, her anxiety attack when she was locked up with the singer in the garden ("What am I leaving here") or her mythical and viral 'No para, no para, no para' are a example of it.


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