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Available in 65 countries and more than 25 languages, the apps created by this Spanish startup have an activity that exceeds 100,000 users on weekends. Within the world of basketball it is the most used and with the most traffic in all of Spain. And with reason, since it has managed to digitize everything related to this sport.

NBN23 is a startup that has two mobile applications in which they offer different services to all fans and players of this sport. His first milestone was ‘Ingame’, a tool with which all the minutes of all basketball games are digitized in real time. The minutes not only include the signatures of the scorers, table officials and technical personnel of the game, but also allows to record all the actions of the game in the cloud, covering 100% of the amateur categories. On the other hand, the Swish app, the second application developed by the company, is aimed at basketball fans and followers in all categories, because it allows users to perform actions ranging from looking at match calendars, to following teams and players, compare data, view match summaries, shooting map, match heat map, and even review and filter video plays.

Regarding the story behind how he founded the company with Javier Bosch, Miguel Bullón, executive director of NBN23, assures that “it is not the typical story of two people who have known each other for a long time and say: ‘Hey, it would be good to do something'”. In fact, the two founders did not know each other and were introduced by a mutual friend who saw potential in the possible relationship that they could reap together, as they had “very similar motivations.” These centered on a passion for basketball. A sport that “gave them a lot”, both in the “way of working, respect, camaraderie, perseverance and achievement orientation”, as well as “friends, family and the ability to grow culturally.” Reasons why both considered that they had “a debt to this sport.”


The company seeks to “facilitate access to technology as much as possible,” and the only way to do this is “by avoiding an economic barrier,” explains the CEO. That is why the startup is financed through a subscription model, where it offers exclusive services to users who want “a little more information”, such as statistical profiles or more complete data. The company is also financed through sponsors, advertisers and the resource of the ‘revenue share’ (business system in which the income obtained is distributed among all the participants) with the organizer involved.

The challenge has, of course, been digitization. Before NBN23, the process in amateur basketball consisted of registering a person “with a pen”, in the same way payments were made. The procedure for the minutes, as shared by the CEO, was also rudimentary: «The match ended and the minutes were physically taken to the federation or sent by certified mail, so it could take days and that had to be kept on file for five years in each corresponding folder. ”But now, the party has new rules … digital.

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