September 20, 2020

The most common salary in Spain, between 1,260 and 2,187 euros gross per month

The majority of Spaniards, 6.48 million, 40% of those who work, earn between 1,260.9 and 2,187.2 gross euros per month. This has been revealed today in INE in the "Decil of salaries of the main job" made from the data extracted by this same body from the data of the Survey of Active Population (EPA).

According to the same study, Another 30% of employees, 4,865 million, received in 2018 a gross monthly compensation of more than 2,187.2 euros in 2018. The remaining 30% of the workers are in the low salary zone, with a salary below 1,260.9 euros gross monthly.

During the past year, The average salary was 1,944.4 euros gross per month, with an increase of 55.4 euros compared to 2017. For its part, the median salary stood at 1,642.3 euros, which meant 52.0 euros more than the previous year.

INE's work shows that the wage gap between men and women it is still very wide. Men had a higher relative concentration in high wages than women last year. So, 35.1% of men admitted more than 2,187.2 euros in 2018, compared to 24.5% of women who received a similar remuneration. The average salary of women in 2018 was 1,708.4 euros per month, while that of men reached 2,161.3 euros.

One of the main reasons for these inequalities in average wages and salary distribution between both sexes is, according to the INE, that women "work part-time, with temporary contracts and in less paid branches of activity in greater proportion than men."

By age, younger workers concentrate on lower wages, while older workers have a higher relative weight on higher wages. The highest salary level of older workers is determined, according to the INE, "for a greater proportion of indefinite contracts, greater seniority in the workplace and more work experience." Likewise, the lower salary level among the younger groups is explained by "a greater proportion of part-time work and temporary contracts and by less seniority." Thus, 65.0% of employees under 25 received a monthly salary of less than 1,260.9 euros in 2018. The percentage of those with a salary greater than 2,187.2 euros in that age group was 4, 9% Among wage earners 55 and older, 24.1% were in the low monthly salary (less than 1,260.9 euros), while 37.4% were in the upper tranche (more than 2,187.2 euros)

The average gross salary increased with age, from 1,091.7 euros that, on average, young people under 25 received, to 2,205.6 euros for employees aged 55 and over.

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