May 16, 2021

The most beloved Spanish filmmaker in China | Culture

The most beloved Spanish filmmaker in China | Culture

A Oriol Paulo (Barcelona, ​​1975) an extracinematographic fact has changed the cinematographic life. Something impossible to control and probably provoke. With a career in crescendo from television, and a good debut in the cinema with The body (2012), the process went at its natural pace with Setback (2016) until news arrived from China: there it had been unlawfully downloaded a million times. What led to Setback will be released in 7,000 screens and will raise almost 30 million euros. Paulo was already preparing his third long, then with the provisional name of Mirage, finally titled as During the storm. "I did not look for that success either, so it did not affect me much in the production, in fact, the script was already written before shooting. Setback, and I think that in China this film has a greater risk, because the baggage of space-time travel there is scarce ".

Nor have the economic conditions, the size of production, been altered by the Chinese phenomenon. "Why there Setback It premiered one year later. In fact, I was on promotion in China at the end of September 2017 and I was beginning the pre-production of this film in October. "In the end, Paulo has found part of his audience where he never imagined he could be."[Risas] You do not even think about it, because the Chinese market is very closed. When I was there I just wanted to cut the umbilical cord with Setback and to know the culture of that country for three weeks. And suddenly I experienced an explosion. Has it changed me? No, but he has opened a door for me. "Paulo returned at the end During the storm to China, and its thriller will have a powerful premiere there. "Well, they have proposed a co-production agreement, although it does not have to be a Chinese or Chinese project, they want to go into my films, but I do not know how to tell you much more since it is not clear. next project, and it's not going through China, probably in English. "

Meanwhile, Paulo promotes During the storm, that for a time he considered rolling in English. "The film has a very great narrative ambition and I wanted to have the absolute freedom to do it as I had planned it, especially because it has a personal, emotional component that draws on its own experiences, I felt more secure playing at home, and In the end I close a trilogy with its connection points, now I'm going to take a leap into the search for new stories and tones ". Actually, During the storm It was going to be his second movie; Paulo decided to gain confidence. "And at that moment it enters Setback"

Trailer of 'During the storm'

The script of this thriller It is born from an experience of the director: "I was thinking about whether to be a father or not, and after making the decision, over time, you return to it, reflect on the life you have, what you could have had, and therefore, about who you are and about who you could have been, all that filter by the thriller to delve into the consequences of decisions. I confess that I give a lot of thought to that. "Because the character of Adriana Ugarte it seems to live in two dimensions: in one it has been a mother, in another, no. "Because we talk about character convictions, how you should defend yourself when you face the world, how you decode truth and lies." And at the same time Ugarte wants to solve a crime of the past, with whose protagonists it connects and communicates through a video camera and a television. "Unlike in Setback, I knew that the screenplay would be born of emotions and not of the plot ", and then ask please do not delve further into the subject, for the sake of the viewer.

Paulo plays with references like Frequency and, above all, the cinema of Robert Zemeckis, who pays homage in innumerable winks (from how a child takes a scooter to where lightning strikes or what movie they will see at the cinema). "I grew up in the eighties, so at the moment the action enters that era, I went to Zemeckis, not only is he, but also the group Transvision Vamp -I was very much in love with Wendy James-, and when I was a kid, because I wanted to be a musician, I recorded myself playing … I got a lot of mine in the movie, and therefore Zemeckis must be there. My generation will recognize it, and understand me. "


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