June 14, 2021

The most awarded series in the history of the Emmy

The characters of Tyrion Lannister, Tony Soprano and Gloria.

The Emmy Awards they have more prominence than ever. The wide catalog of programs and series that we currently have has turned these awards into a quality seal. Since 1949, these “Oscar of television” has been recognizing each year the work of the different professionals that make up the team and cast of the fictions of which we are already fans, but also all those that we propose to see.

During its more than 70 editions, specifically 72, there have been many prominent names, but only a few series have dazzled above the rest. Thus, we remember the 10 fictions most awarded of the Emmy Awards.

‘Game of Thrones’

47 awards, which is said little. While the grand prize to best drama she was made to wait (she achieved her first statuette in 2015), she is now the veteran in the category. This overproduction broke the hex of fantasy in a big way, though in large part thanks to the collection of technical accolades for their special effects, clothing, and sound. In fact, only one of its actors has won the Emmy four times: Peter dinklage for his role as Tyrion Lannister.


Until the arrival of ‘Game of Thrones’, this comedy kept the first place for more than a decade with 37 awards. The spin-off of ‘Cheers’ about a successful radiophonic therapist lasted 11 seasons thanks, in large part, to the charisma of those hypochondriacal characters who brought out more than one smile. Even its two protagonists, Kelsey Grammer and David hyde pierce, each took four Emmys.

‘The girl on TV’

Mary Tyler Moore, the woman who opened the door of comedy on television from its strong protagonist, liberated and more concerned about her work than about her personal life, she supposed a real breath of fresh air. ‘The girl on TV’ aired in the seventies, but many of her speeches, like those of the best series, are still alive today. During its seven years on the air, this comedy added 29 Emmys, among which are three for best comedy and four for its star.

Still from ‘The girl on TV’.


11 seasons of humor resulted in 28 emmy awards. In the memory will remain the great moments of comedy that have been lived in this bar, which was a phenomenon during the 80s. Much of its success is due to the charisma of its actors, who managed to raise the odd prize, as well than its director James Burrows.

Still from ‘Cheers’.

‘Sad Song of Hill Street’ and ‘The West Wing of the White House’

Both, with seven seasons behind them, managed to raise a total of 26 statuettes, something that is not surprising. Steven Bochco’s eighties policeman was able to perfectly reflect the human side of agents from Hill Street Police Station, while Aaron Sorkin’s series created a whole television model, thanks to the topics it covered and how they treated them and how good they sounded.


The John Wells drama is not only important for having discovered George Clooney, but for making a hospitable series the most exciting thing on television. Thanks in part to his technical prowess, he managed to 24 statuettes. In fact, has only one Emmy for best drama And Clooney never managed to take one home

George Clooney in ‘ER’.

‘Modern Family’ and ‘All in the family’

These family comedies accumulate up to 22 awards from the Academy of Television. The series starring Sofia Vergara has been for years the unbeatable queen of the category thanks to its unique characters, its contemporary plots and its filming style to the fake ‘reality’.

On the other hand, the seventies comedy created by Norman Lear supposed a real revolution since he dared to launch messages in his time that other productions did not even come close to. Thus this typical American family talked about Vietnam, abortion, menopause, religion, women’s liberation or breast cancer, topics that until then were overlooked on television.

‘The sopranos’

The list is closed by a series that changed the new television formats thanks to its complex history. Straddling drama and comedy, this fiction focuses on Tony soprano, a New Jersey mob boss who is forced to seek treatment to deal with his family and career problems. During his six seasons on the air he managed to obtain 21 Emmy Awards, which included categories such as Best Dramatic Series, Best Direction, Best Screenplay, and Best Performance.


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