Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

The most advanced training center for the Airbus A320 is inaugurated in Colombia

The low cost airline Viva Air opened Thursday in the Colombian municipality of Rionegro and in partnership with AFG (Avenger Flight Group) the training center for pilots and cabin crew of Airbus A320 most advanced in technology worldwide.

The site will train 215 pilots from Colombia and Peru both in theory and in practice with the latest generation FFS simulator (Full Flight Simulator), which will prepare them for possible emergencies on board or in extreme weather conditions.

"It is a source of pride that reinforces the commitment of Viva Air with its investment for betting on the aeronautical sector and for continuing to develop the low cost industry in Colombia," company president Felix Antelo told Efe.

In addition, the center will train 320 cabin crew in first aid, evacuation by fire or any possible emergency, among other techniques.

The operation carried out by Viva Air and Avenger Flight Group hopes to increase in a short space of time from one simulator to four as the crew occupies their posts in Colombia and Peru.

The simulator will generate savings for the company of 15%, since future Colombian students will not have to travel to other countries, so "that decrease in cost will result in lower prices and generates a virtuous circle of lower prices, more passengers flying and greater growth in demand, "said Antelo.

In addition to the center inaugurated this Thursday, Viva Air celebrated the arrival of its thirteenth new aircraft, out of a total of 50 of the A320 fleet.

For its part, the Minister of Transportation, Angela Maria Orozco, said that "Colombia is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of passengers worldwide," so "the way to lower air fares is necessarily increasing competition since the user has to be the focus ".

In the same sense Antelo pronounced, for whom "the lowest unit cost of the world together with good additional services in addition to the concern for the customer and having a good team are the fundamental pillars of the success of the company".

Viva Air operates domestic and international flights in more than 21 destinations in Colombia and Peru.

The company currently generates 1,339 jobs in Colombia and 284 in Peru.

Going forward, Antelo said the airline plans to "operate in a third country by the end of 2020 or early 2021."

The American company AFG made an initial investment of 12 million dollars in the project.

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