April 14, 2021

The Mossos prevent two protests from coinciding with a mosque in Tarragona

The Mossos prevent two protests from coinciding with a mosque in Tarragona

A strong police device of the Mossos d'Esquadra has prevented two protests over a mosque in the neighborhood of Sant Pere i Sant Pau in Tarragona, one called by the far-right party National Democracy and the other by the Antifascist Platform.

Both protests were held in the Plaza Cuba of this neighborhood in Tarragona, where the Mossos d'Esquadra and the Guardia Urbana have deployed a strong police device.

National Democracy had called a protest against the mosque at midday in Plaza Cuba and the Antifascist Platform a concentration, half an hour earlier, in the same place, but they could not access the square through the police cordon.

About 50 meters from the square, around a hundred protesters have displayed a banner with the slogan "Fascists, neither here nor anywhere."

The concentration against the mosque has also gathered around a hundred people and has displayed another banner with the slogan, in Catalan and in Spanish, of "The voice of the neighbors must count".

Santi, one of the protesters, told EFE: "We do not enter into the debate of the mosque, yes or no, which must be solved by the neighbors of the neighborhood, that is the trap set for them by the National Democrats."

"It is a racist, homophobic and fascist party and that is why we are here, because fascism can not campaign with impunity for our neighborhoods," he said.

For its part, the head of National Democracy, Javier Garcia, neighbor of the neighborhood, said: "We hope that the City takes note of the pressure of the neighbors."

The concentrates have chanted the slogan "Tarraco is Roman and not Muslim" and "Mosque is not".

Some neighbors do not know what is National Democracy, but have come to the concentration to avoid "that our floors lose value with the mosque, some that were valued at 36,000 euros now sold at 17,000," says Carme, who prefers to give only his name of pile.

The mosque is projected by the Muslim Assad association in premises that are sold in community spaces at number 16 on Calle Miguel Servet.

Assad says that there are between 500 and 800 Muslims in the neighborhood who, to pray, must move outside the neighborhood.


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