The Mossos confirm the existence of at least four 'Barçagate' Twitter accounts

The Mossos certify the existence of the Twitter accounts of & # 039; Barçagate & # 039 ;.

The Mossos certify the existence of the 'Barçagate' Twitter accounts.

The Mossos d'Esquadra They found documents in the police registry of the home of Jaume Masferrer, who was the right hand of the president of Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, which certify the existence of at least four accounts of Twitter of the 'Barçagate'managed by I3 Ventures, the company hired by the Barça club.

The accounts, as explained in the new summary pages to which EFE has had access, are @jfunesemis, @sergirdrgz, @ massiveattack57 and @goku_emprenyat, all four suspended by Twitter. The Mossos also suspect another named @ el10blaugrana.

According to the Catalan police force, it appears that "the accounts were apparently created to create a reaction, beyond the simple and aseptic monitoring of social networks". Until now, the accounts that had been certified were Facebook.

Another assessment that is made in the Mossos report on what was found in the home of Jaume Masferrer is that there was a report from Nicestream (the conglomerate of companies to which I3 Ventures belongs) with the title 'Flash Report call for social networks #ValverdeOUT' that it was not handed over to the police force either by Barça or the auditing company, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Regarding the report that PwC made on 'Barçagate', the Mossos say that there is an indication, an analysis of the audit by Masferrer, which would confirm that while the club's board of directors did not have full access to it, he, who is one of those investigated, did.

Among the evidence found by the Mossos in Masferrer's home is a Moleskine notebook that contributedto relevant information for the police force.

In it, who was the right hand of Bartomeu During his tenure, he pointed out that he had to speak to PwC about the context of October 2017, referring to the political climate that existed then in Catalonia, and that Carles Tusquets, who with the resignation of Bartomeu became the president of the Management Commission of the Barça, knew the independence roadmap and said that they had to act to prevent them from winning the Barça presidency.

In addition, Masferrer shows that he made an intense search on who leaked the information from 'Barçagate' to Cadena SER, apparently coming to the conclusion that it had been the former director of regulatory compliance Noelia Romero. The Mossos wonder how he came to this conclusion.

Masferrer also repeatedly mentions Guillem Graell, Former Barça brand director, as one of the people who knew about 'Barçagate' because, according to him, from the first moment Nicestream sent him monthly reports that he then had to distribute to the rest of the areas.

On the other hand, a conversation of WhatsApp printed that the Mossos found in the headquarters of I3 Ventures in which they talk about Josep Maria Minguella, Ex-candidate for the Barça presidency and former player representative. The Mossos do not know both the sender and the receiver.

"It is about unmasking a guy, Josep Maria Minguella. It would be about getting the noise of the networks to reach him, in which the objectivity of his comments begins to be questioned, since they only respond to his commercial interests. Until now lives with total impunity and feels strong enough to do and undo whatever he wants. "

And he continues: "Perhaps a touch will make him realize that he is on the wrong path and make him reconsider. In addition, Bartomeu has always been very chivalrous with him. It is one of those situations that occurs because we do not act when it plays. I think that if we start to give 'some touch' maybe they will think a little more before shooting to do damage ".

SER Catalunya advanced that the instruction of 'Barçagate' will be extended until January 29, 2022. Among other reasons, because they have been cited declare nine more people as testimonies. Noelia Romero stands out precisely, at the request of Román Gómez-Ponti, former head of the club's legal services and one of the four investigated for possible unfair administration and corruption between individuals.

Workers from I3 Ventures will also appear, Jaime Malet (owner of Telampartner), Maria Vallès (former director of the Barça Foundation), Xavi Martín (former director of La Masia) and Javier Sobrino (former director of Strategy and Innovation).


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