April 15, 2021

The Mossos attribute six rapes to a protected minor in Barcelona | Society

The Mossos attribute six rapes to a protected minor in Barcelona | Society

A group of MENA spend the night in the Ciutat Vella police station. In video, statements by the inspector of the Mossos d'Esquadra, Pere Pau Guillem.

The Mossos d'Esquadra attributed to a minor protected by the Generalitat six violations occurred in Barcelona between October and December last year. The alleged sex offender, aged 17, was admitted to a juvenile justice center after being arrested for three violations (two of them committed) in the vicinity of the Vall d'Hebron hospital. After analyzing the DNA tests, the autonomic police now attributes three other aggressions that occurred on the same dates, but in the neighborhood of Sants.

The first two attacks, in the gardens of Montjuïc, he committed a month apart. The next four, however, occurred a few days apart. The minor, who hid his face, threatened his victims and acted "with a lot of violence", according to the head of investigation of the Mossos, Pere Pau. The inspector has confirmed that the detainee is an unaccompanied minor (MENA) that was under the tutelage of the Directorate General for Childhood and Adolescence (DGAIA).

The minor assaulted middle-aged women (but also old women) who walked alone on the street. He approached them at any time of the day, but only in areas where there were no security cameras, which has made it difficult to find images of the attacks. In one of the cases, he also stole the belongings of his victim.

On December 7, investigators detained him in the Horta neighborhood for the three violations of the Vall d'Hebron. The minor passed to the Public Prosecutor's Office and the judge agreed to enter a closed center. The Mossos began to work with the hypothesis that the minor could also be the author of three other aggressions in Sants. The results of the DNA tests have finally confirmed it.


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