The Mossos admonish a command from Manresa for doing outdoor sports – La Provincia

The Mossos d’Esquadra They have verbally admonished a mayor of the Central Police Regiment that this Wednesday at noon, the fourth day of confinement for all citizens since the state of alarm was decreed, he has been caught leaving the Manresa police station, dressed in sports, to go to walk outdoors for an hour. Someone, presumably from the police station itself, has taken a picture while leaving.

The Catalan police prefecture, which was unaware of the facts, has made the gesture ugly to the mayor, one of the officers who has been in charge of the confinement device for the last 6 days. Equalizer.

The warning, which will not incur a fault, has been to point out the inadequacy of that walk in the open air when the rest of the citizens are being asked to refrain from doing the same. The police “must be the first to lead by example,” they have remarked.

The mayor has admitted the facts, has apologized and has promised that it will not happen again.

The Mossos have identified 4,863 citizens since March 16 for breaching the confinement decree and taking to the streets without complying with any of the exceptions contained in the state of alarm law. 682 of these citizens have also been denounced.

On the first day, the Catalan police made only identifications (532). The second, March 17, they began to sanction (1,079 identified and 141 complaints). This Wednesday, March 18, there have been 3,252 identifications and 485 complaints. The figures are provisional since each count refers to the balance of the previous day and the global calculation for this Wednesday will arrive tomorrow, March 19.


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