The Mossos act to try to reopen the roads cut in Catalonia

The Mossos act to try to reopen the roads cut in Catalonia

The Mossos d'Esquadra are urging the pro-independence protesters who cut certain roads in Catalonia to reopen the roads, according to the Generalitat Police on their Twitter account.

The performance of the Mossos contrasts with the inaction of the agents last December 8 in the AP-7, at the height of l'Ampolla, which was cut 15 hours by the CDR, which has led the Prosecutor's Office Catalonia has opened an investigation for a presumed leniency of the agents in demanding the restoration of order and the restitution of the right of affected citizens "to move freely.

Thus, the Mossos inform that at 7:53 hours circulation has been re-established on the C-58, in Barcelona direction, at the height of Montcada i Reixac and that the patrols acting and some users have collected nails lying on the road .

Previously, the agents had managed to restore circulation in the Ronda Litoral de Barcelona, ​​at the height of Can Tunis, and in the B-20, at the height of Badalona.

Shortly after 8.00 am the Mossos were working to restore circulation in the B-23, and for this they have made announcements by public address to the demonstrators about the need to leave the road.

On the other hand, at 07:14 hours the Mossos have asked the concessionaire of the AP-2 toll road to lift the toll barriers of Soses (Lleida) to decongest traffic in the area.


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