The mortgage firm grew by 14.2% in November – The Province

The mortgage firm grew by 14.2% in November - The Province

The number of mortgages constituted on dwellings registered in the property registries was placed in28,835Last November,figure 14.2% higher than the same month of 2017, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

With this year-on-year rebound, whichit is more than six points lower than that registered in October (20.4%), the mortgages signature on housing chainseight months of positive rates.

Mortgages on housing (month of NOVEMBER)

The INE recalls that these are mortgages from public deeds carried out previously, which is whyThe impact of the Supreme Court ruling can not yet be seen, published on October 18, which established that the banks and not the customer should pay the tax of Documented Legal Acts (AJD).

This ruling was rectified by the High Court on November 6, butIn the period between both judgments there was a certain paralysis of the mortgages granted by the banks, as sources of the sector warned then.

According to the data released this Wednesday by the INE,the average amount of mortgages on housing grew by 5.5% compared to November 2017, up to 130,651 euros, while borrowed capital increased 20.4% year on year, to stand at 3,767.3 million euros.

In monthly rate (November 2018 on October of the same year), mortgages on housing fell by 5%, while borrowed capital fell by 2.2%. In both cases it is the first decline in a month of November since 2015.

The communities with the largest number of mortgages constituted on housing in November wereMadrid (5,595), Catalonia (5,363) and Andalusia (5,209).

Last November, the average interest rate for mortgage loans on homes reached 2.61%, compared to 2.71% for the same month of 2017, with an average term of 24 years


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