The Moroccan Royal Navy arrests 32 migrants in three boats in the Alboran Sea

The Moroccan Royal Navy arrests 32 migrants in three boats in the Alboran Sea

The Royal Navy of Morocco arrested today, in separate interventions, 32 Moroccan migrants aboard three boats on the coast of the Mediterranean city of Alhucemas, in the northeast of the country, a source of security told Efe.

The source, who requested anonymity, said that a Royal Navy vessel moved the emigrants, most of them neighbors of Alhucemas, to the port of the same city, where they were handed over to the Royal Gendarmerie to determine their identities and investigate whether his trips were managed by an organized network.

Yesterday, Navy personnel also arrested a total of 103 migrants, 92 Moroccans and 11 from sub-Saharan countries, while trying to cross the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea in small boats to reach Spain.

Today, Spanish Maritime Rescue has rescued 262 people from five boats in the vicinity of the island of Alborán, including 22 women and 14 minors.

The Royal Moroccan Navy, which patrol near the coasts, has intervened on several occasions in recent weeks in waters of the Strait or the Mediterranean to block the way to pateras or to save its occupants.

This year is being especially critical in the illegal traffic of boats from the Moroccan coast to the Spanish, breaking all records of irregular arrivals to Spain, as well as interceptions of boats by Moroccan gendarmes and military.

So far this year the Moroccan authorities have aborted 76,000 attempts of illegal emigration to Spain, which means a daily average of 230 attempts, according to the latest figures offered yesterday in the Moroccan Parliament by the Interior Minister Delegate, Nuredin Butayeb.


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