The Moroccan journalist imprisoned for abortion has been sentenced to one year in jail | Society

The Rabat Court of First Instance condemned the Moroccan journalist on Monday Hajar Raisuni, 28, a year in jail accused of undergoing an illegal abortion operation and practicing sex outside of marriage. Your partner has also been sentenced to one year. The doctor who performed the operation has been sentenced to two years in prison and another two years of professional disqualification. The court has also sentenced the anesthetist and the clinic secretary with one year probation for him and eight months for her.

Raisuni was arrested in Rabat on Saturday, August 31, when she had just left her gynecological clinic with her partner in Rabat. The Moroccan police maintain that it was already monitoring that center because it had information that illegal abortions were performed there. The next of kin of Raisuni think, however, that there is a political intention in the detention of the journalist.

Raisuni works for the newspaper Ajbar to the Yaum, whose director and owner, Taufic Buachrín, has been imprisoned since 2018 and sentenced to 12 years in jail for several crimes of a sexual nature, such as rape and trafficking in human beings. This publication is one of the most critical of the State. In addition, the reporter is the niece of Hamed Raisuni is the president of the World Ulemas Union, and of Suleiman Raisuni, the star columnist of the newspaper Ajbar al Yaum, of leftist ideology and also very critical of the State.

The imprisonment of Raisuni has awakened a wave of solidarity in social networks and has had a great resonance abroad. The filmmaker Sonia Terrab and the writer Leila Slimani wrote last week a written endorsed by 490 Moroccan women and men in which they denounced the moral and sexual hypocrisy of the country and declare themselves “outlawed”.

"We, citizens and Moroccan citizens," says the gallery published initially by Le monde and then by EL PAÍS, “we declare ourselves outlawed. We violate unfair, obsolete laws, which have no reason to exist. We have had sex outside of marriage, we have suffered, practiced or been complicit in an abortion. We have learned to pretend, to simulate. How long should we continue like this?

It is no coincidence that the number of people who initially signed the rostrum was 490. That is the article of the Criminal Code that includes penalties of one year in prison for those who have sex outside marriage. The 491 provides two years for married who commit adultery. The 489 contemplates three years for those who commit “unholy acts”Or“ against natura ”with people of the same sex. The 454 sets up to two years in jail for women who abort (article 454). And doctors who practice the operation can cost up to 10 years in jail.

While several analysts have publicly expressed their outrage at the imprisonment of Raisuni, most of the leaders of the main political parties have not ruled on the matter.

The group of 490 Moroccan women and men issued a statement Monday night expressing their "sadness, anger and restlessness", after hearing the prison sentences. "Sadness for those broken lives (...), for all citizens who believe in the freedom to dispose of their bodies, for all women who live in the desperate situation of wanting to abort and that from this afternoon will be more afraid than never. (...) Anger at the situation of generalized hypocrisy, since the law prohibiting relations outside of marriage is irrelevant and its application only responds to the logic of arbitrariness. (...) Finally, we feel restless because (the sentence) sends a very bleak message to our youth and all citizens about the state of our individual freedoms. "

The brief concludes: "Everyone, out of the law until the law changes."

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