Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

The Morancos already predicted the signing of Isabel Pantoja for 'Survivors'

Los Morancos ya vaticinaron el fichaje de Isabel Pantoja

Not only The Simpson they are able to predict unusual and incredible things of the future. The Morancos they made their own impossible prediction with a gag broadcast on Canal Sur now 8 years ago in which it was seen Isabel Pantoja arriving at the island of
. In fact, the image of the tonadillera coming out of the water has been one of the most viral since Telecinco confirmed yesterday that the tonadillera would be contestant official reality.

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The parody does not stop surprising and entertaining equally. It looks a parody of Survivors call Superpudientes in which Kiko Rivera is participating. The poor son of Isabel Pantoja is having a terrible time between hunger and gout that does not allow him to enjoy his contest.

The parody of Isabel Pantoja in Los Morancos 'Survivors' that has gone viral

The parody of Isabel Pantoja in Los Morancos 'Survivors' that has gone viral

But by surprise, a comb on the horizon catches your attention. A few seconds later, her mother emerges from the water, dressed in a Sevillian costume: Isabel Pantoja, who has been swimming to the island of Survivors to give your child the attention he deserves and get to "drain" the drop even if he can compete without pain.

"Kiko! Your mother is here! I have thrown in iron in Barbate and I have come swimming ... From the Straits swimming ... I have found the white whales, the murderous killer whale, the white shark, the father of Nemo, David Meca that was passing by and I do not know where he was going ... ", he said as soon as he set foot on the ground. Of course, under the skirt, The morancos put some containers full of food that the fictitious Pantoja had dragged from Spain to Honduras.

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