June 16, 2021

The moon penumbral eclipse this Friday can be seen from Spain – La Provincia

A moon penumbral eclipse will take place this January 10 and It will be visible in East Africa, Asia, Oceania and almost all of Europe, including Spain, according to the National Astronomical Observatory (OAN).

The start of the penumbra eclipse will take place at 17.07 UTC, that is, at 18.07 peninsular time. The phenomenon will end at 9:09 p.m. (10:29 p.m.), being visible in its final stages at the western end of Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa and the easternmost tip of America.

A total penumbral lunar eclipse It is a lunar eclipse that occurs when the Moon is completely submerged in the Earth’s penumbral cone without touching the umbra (the moment of greatest shadow in an eclipse). The path for the Moon to pass inside the penumbra and outside the umbra is very narrow. It can only occur on the northern or southern penumbral edges of the Earth.

This 2020 there will be four penumbral eclipses of Luna: this Friday, January 10 (the most notable of the four), June 5, July 4 and November 30.

Although this first lunar penumbral eclipse of the year is visible from Spain, the OAN recalls that eclipses of this type “They are barely noticeable”.


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