Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

The moods of anime – The Province

The young artist Luna Jie Gao opened yesterday, in the art room of the Lujn Prez School, her first exhibition of illustrations entitled ‘The fantasy world’ in which she recreates, from a subjective prism and in a different context, the characters of some of the most important sleeves of recent years.

The comic is one of the most important cultural phenomena worldwide. However, in certain areas of the Far East, they are also a true engine for industry and the economy to the point that in some of those countries they have their terms to define them as in Japan (manga), China (manhua) and Korea of ​​the South (manhwa).

These three ways of seeing the ninth art, however, constantly feed back and branch into anime and video games, making up one of the youngest favorite entertainment industries.

For this reason, dedicating an exhibition to the collection of drawings by the very young artist of 13 years, Luna Jie Gao, of Chinese parents but born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is an intelligent idea of ​​the Luján Pérez School that we hope will have continuity more often.

Titled The fantasy world, the exhibition, which opened yesterday, and will be open to the public until March 13, is made up of 24 panels that group different stories inspired by famous sagas of the Japanese graphic novel that later became popular anime. Each of these panels can accommodate between one or four drawings or stories, so the sample includes about 80 drawings in total.

The first block includes illustrations inspired by otome video games that usually tell a romantic story with an ending that the reader can choose. “I really like this kind of stories and I wanted to make some drawings that were the equivalent of the manga,” says the author herself. “They are sagas in which you can choose a different option that will take you like another outcome.”

The young author, who entered the School in 2017, has done her work in the same way as the professionals themselves do: with the simple help of a sheet, a pencil and a pen. Thus the first engravings of what will probably be masterpieces of imagination and virtuosity arise.

In this first part another phenomenon of fashion Among young people that has exploded like gunpowder online. “There are drawings that are taken from the creepy pasta, some fictional horror stories that people create online trick photos” and that she has redrawn. And in this same block highlights a series of illustrations inspired by the video game Identity Five, is a cooperative online game in which we can both embody one of the four survivors who must fight against a monstrous killer. “I did it because I fell in love with the characters and the design that caught me.” The most curious thing is that the protagonists can go through different moods that correspond to those of the author herself when doing this work.

Naturally, Gao has also shown his position against the sanitary alarm created with the whole theme of the coronavirus and which has been reflected in two specific panels. In the first one you can see a woman in the center with a sign that says ‘I am not a virus’ and that is branched with images of how these rejections have suffered within the Asian community at a social level both at school and in the job. “There are people who are supporting the Chinese and creating a hashtag defending the members of that community, with videos where you see how the drama that people are living in and outside of China is.” In the second one you can see how a true fever of the masks has occurred with many compatriots sending this type of products to their country.

However, the true core of the exhibition are drawings inspired by some of the most popular anime of these moments. Thus, in the part of the supernatural manga the viewer can recreate with the characters of two essential titles. First, Dance with devils, one of the most famous last summer, addresses the story of a student in the town of Shiko who is suddenly cornered by demons.


And it is precisely “these fallen angels” that have marked the shapes of their protagonists. With an argument very similar to the previous one, Koyoharu Gotoge is the author of Kimetsu no Yaiba, also known for Demon slayer or Guardians of the night.

On this occasion, Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko become demon hunters after their whole family perished due to a massive attack by these beings. In a more romantic line, there are two essential titles. First, Clannad, is one of the most popular bishojo videogames in history that “marked me from the start”, a work developed by the Key company that tells the relationship of a shy and melancholic boy with an enigmatic girl with unusual faculties. The second, Diabilik Lovers, developed on this occasion by the Rejet company, is about a girl who has to live in a mansion with six vampire brothers. Gao finally recreates the protagonists of other manga as popular as Owari no seraph, Gakuen Alice, Fairy Tail or One piece, which appear many times facing each other.


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