The monumental zasca from Yolanda Ramos to José Luis Moreno after his arrest that has gone viral

The & quot; zasca viral & quot;  from Yolanda Ramos to José Luis Moreno

The "viral zasca" from Yolanda Ramos to José Luis Moreno

During the morning of July 29 detained at the Madrid home of Boadilla del Monte to the controversial television producer José Luis Moreno for alleged scams, document falsification and belonging to a criminal organization. The police resolution and the Civil Guard has produced a reaction in the presenter and actress Yolanda ramos, one of its victims, who has not gone unnoticed. The artist has thanked his followers of Instagram the signs of support from his followers: "I have been told that I cannot speak. Thank you all! He exclaimed.

José Luis Moreno, detained

The television producer Jose Luis Moreno has been stopped in the framework of a large police operation against the tax fraud and money laundering in several Spanish cities for belonging to a criminal organization that was dedicated to money laundering through a network of opaque companies. The scam amounts to 50 million euros.

The producer is one of the detainees within a plot that both the Civil Guard and the National Police have been following for several months. The device includes fifty arrests in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia Y Alicante.

The creator of series such as 'La que se avecina' or 'Here there is no one who lives' who is accused of several crimes of money laundering, fraud, falsification of documents and belonging to a criminal organization.

In addition, the agents are investigating whether part of the network laundered money from the drug trafficking.

The operation, which are spearheading the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) of the Superior Police Headquarters and the Civil Guardis being developed mainly in Madrid and Barcelona with records in at least a dozen points. One of them is the chalet that the television entrepreneur has in the Monte Encinas urbanization in Boadilla del Monte.

According to sources from the investigation, the businessman and his partners had created more than 700 mercantile companies with which, according to the investigations, they appropriated money from bank and private loans. Once money was diverted through the network of companies, customers could no longer get it back.

It's not your first time

Among the collaborators of the network were employees and directors of banking entities. In this way, the 'brains' got no one to demand money from them.

This is not the first problem with Justice that the comedian and producer has faced in recent years. In 2011, Moreno was already called to testify as a defendant within the Palma Arena case for allegedly charging a commission from Jaume Matas, although the case was finally closed due to lack of evidence. He was also accused by the former treasurer of the PP Luis Barcenas during the trial of Gürtel having delivered a commission for box B of the popular.

In addition, in the list of defaulters published yesterday by the Tax Agency, Jose Luis Moreno appears as a debtor to the public coffers of more than one million euros through its company Kulteperalia SL A situation that has been lengthening in recent years where the producer has accumulated almost three million euros of debt with tax authorities through two partnerships.

In addition, the producer has been accused by multiple actors and members of the entertainment world of not having paid his workers in different programs. One of the most famous interventions took place live on the 'Friends and acquaintances' program of Telecinco, where Yolanda Ramos accused him of still owing her money several years after they had worked together and the producer decided to leave the set

Yolanda Ramos, scammed by the producer

The actress and presenter Yolanda Ramos has unexpectedly become a trend on Twitter Spain after detention of the producer and entrepreneur Jose Luis Moreno for leading a network of financial scams. This anecdotal fact is due to economic claim that the Catalan did to the Madrilenian in 2014 in Talk to them, the Telecinco program in which Ramos worked.

Dozens of users of the blue bird social network have recalled what happened in the Mediaset Spain studios, bringing the name of the comedian to sneak into the topics of the moment. In the following video you can see how Ramos reveals that Moreno still owes him the 25,000 pesetas that he agreed to for a job done on Party Night, the mythical space of Spanish Television.


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