March 7, 2021

The money offered by China to Bale

Bale has gone with the rest of Madrid's expedition to Montreal, but everyone is clear, even the same, that there is no place for him in the white set that Zidane trains. However, you still have not made an important offer to the club or the footballer. You have to pay a transfer and also, the player wants to keep his salary. But according to Jugones, the Welsh footballer would have an offer more than interesting economically: a team from China offers a salary of more than 30 million euros, which doubles what it charges right now in the white set.

However, it is an almost impossible offer because Chinese law requires clubs to pay such a high transfer to the player's owner that it is impossible to sign him. What the players are looking for is the freedom card. But that will be impossible.

If something is clear to Real Madrid is that it will not harm any footballer. This market window, Real Madrid is making great signings, but also very good sales. To the one of Kovacic and Llorente it can that shortly James Rodriguez. And Bale is one of those players who is well considered in the market, so you could get enough money for him.

The offer that arrives for the player has to satisfy both Real Madrid and the player. There is still a long time for the summer market to close and if Bale, as he has shown, is not in a hurry, neither will the Spanish club.

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