March 7, 2021

the money he needs to sign Pogba

Real Madrid yesterday made its first training in Montreal, while at the Bernabéu presented to Militao. Those are the two levels of work of the white club at this stage of the season. On the one hand the physical preparation and on the other, the continuous movements of the offices. Because the summer is long, they repeat in the white offices and there will be movements; especially exits.

Because Real Madrid needs to balance accounts between what has been spent so far: just over 300 million and what has been collected; about 125 million. He needs the sales to increase by 100 million so that the numbers are in line, comply with the Financial Fair Play and, from there, go for Pogba, as long as Manchester United opens the door and decides to put a price on the French footballer, which he has not done yet. "The agents talk a lot, but for the moment there is no offer for Paul," Solskjaer, the coach of the English side, said yesterday. "We do not have the need to sell," he continued. In Real Madrid recognize that there have been no contacts because there is no availability for United, for now.

Pogba is the big goal of the summer, but as you already knew in the white club, it's going to be a patience exercise. You have to know how to wait and take it easy. Right now, there is nothing neither conversations nor possibility of them and seen thus, it seems a more than complicated signing. But it is considered that time plays in favor of Real Madrid and that when Pogba insists, always without causing a schism, United will put a price and therefore, will take the first step to open negotiations.

In Real Madrid they do not pay much attention to Raiola's words. The representative is talking a lot in the media, but that does not convince in the Bernabéu. On the contrary, they consider that it is more harmful than positive for the development of events. It is better to talk from club to club, as long as the other club wants to talk, which does not happen now.

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