The "mole men" of the Republic come to light by the Goya

Director: Jon Garaño, Aitor Arregi, José Mari Goenaga. Script: Luiso Berdejo, José Mari Goenaga. Interpreters: Antonio de la Torre, Belén Cuesta, Vicente Vergara, José Manuel Poga, Emilio Palacios, José María del Castillo, Carlos Bernardino. Spain, 2019. Duration: 147 minutes Drama.

With an intimate narration of the Spanish Civil War and the dictatorship, Jon Garaño, Aitor Arregi and José Mari Goenaga, directors of “Handia”, compete again for the Goya statuette for Best Film with the "Infinite Trench". A historical drama that unfolds around the life of a couple that hides to save their life in Franco's Spain.

The interpretation of Bethlehem Cuesta Y Antonio de la Torre It has been recognized with Goya nominations. In the film we can see how the relationship between the protagonists gradually wears out, in the same way that the life of the Spaniards is degraded. Rosa (Belén Cuesta) makes her neighbors believe that her husband has died and outside the door she behaves like a discreet widow, although inside her house she is still the wife of Higinio (Antonio de la Torre) who runs away from the impending execution of the that all Republicans faced after the victory of the rebels.

For more than 30 Higino (Antonio de la Torre) years he hides himself in the walls of his home, living in the dark as a "mole", sentenced to a self-imposed prison in what he previously called "home".

15 nominations:

  1. Best film: La Trinchera Film, A.I.E., Manny Films, Irusoin, La Claqueta P.C., Moriarti Produkzioak.
  2. Best original music: Pascal Gaigne
  3. Best Revelation Actor: Vicente Vergara
  4. Best Assembly: Laurent Dufreche, Raúl López.
  5. Best makeup and hairdresser: Yolanda Piña, Félix Terrero, Nacho Díaz.
  6. Best address: Jon Garaño, Aitor Arregi and José Mari Goenaga.
  7. Best Leading Actor: Antonio de la Torre
  8. Best production direction: Ander Sistiaga.
  9. Best artistic direction: Pepe Dominguez
  10. Best sound: Iñaki Díez, Alazne Ameztoy, Xanti Salvador, Nacho Royo-Villanova.
  11. Best Original Screenplay: José Mari Goenaga, Luiso Berdejo.
  12. Best Leading Actress: Belén Cuesta.
  13. Best photography direction: Javi Agirre Erauso.
  14. Best costume design: Lourdes Fuentes, Saioa Lara.
  15. Best special effects: Jon Serrano, David Heras.

The movie is the third with more nominations of the Goya awards, closely following "Pain and glory", in its trajectory, since the premiere in October, it has already accumulated another series of awards: Cinema Days Awards how "Best film" Y "Best actress" for Belén Cuesta; Feroz Award a Cuesta again for the Best female performance; in the Forqué Awards "Best Feature Fiction and / or Animation" and in the 67th edition of San Sebastian International Film Festival, where it was recognized with the “Silver Shell for best direction”, the “Jury Prize for Best Screenplay” and the “Irizar Award for the best Basque Cinema film” Present in the contest.


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